Newsonsemi Launches MOSFETs With Innovative Top-Cool Packaging

onsemi Launches MOSFETs With Innovative Top-Cool Packaging

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Onsemi, the leader in intelligent technology for power and sensing is today announcing a line of new MOSFET products which feature cutting-edge top-side cooling, which can help engineers in the design of difficult automotive applications, particularly in Motor Control and conversion of DC/DC. The company will be showcasing the latest devices at its booth 101 in Hall C4 at electronica. It is the most prestigious trade fair and electronics conference.

It is housed inside the TCPAK57 package that measures only 5mm 7mm in size, the new Top Cool products feature the 16.5mm2 heat pad that is located on the top. This permits heat to be absorbed directly into a heatsink , rather than through a conventional printed circuit board (PCB). This allows the utilization for both PCB sides, and reducing its heat output flowing through this board, TCPAK57 offers greater power density. The improved reliability of the new design contributes to an longer life of the system.

“Cooling is among the most difficult issues in high-power design, and overcoming it is the most important factor in reducing weight and size crucial for modern automobile design,” said Fabio Necco Vice President and General manager of Automotive Power Solutions at onsemi. “With high electrical efficiency and the elimination of the PCB from the thermal path the design can be significantly simplified , while reducing size and cost.”

The devices provide the required electrical efficiency in high-power applications that require RDS(ON) values of as small as 1m. In addition gates charge (Qg) is minimal (65 nC) and reduces the loss in high-speed switching processes.

This solution draws on onsemi’s vast experience in packaging to offer the highest power density product available in the market. The initial TCPAK57 portfolio comprises 40V, 60V and even 80V. The devices are all equipped to operate at temperatures of junction (Tj) that are 175 degrees Celsius. All devices are AEC-Q101-certified and PPAP-compliant. This, together the gull wings, which permit the inspection of solder joint, as well as the superior reliability of boards is what makes them ideal to the most demanding automotive applications. The most suitable applications are medium or high power motor controls , including motors with electric power and oils pumps.

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