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OMRON Announces the World’s First “Robotic Integrated Controller” to Control Fully Automated Robotic Production Systems

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OMRON Firm (Head Office: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan; Head Of State & Chief Executive Officer: Yoshihito Yamada, an international leader in automation innovation, announced today the launch of the globe’s first “Robotics Integrated Controller” which completely synchronizes automation modern technology so clients can enhance the rate as well as accuracy of their manufacturing, replicate whole production devices without needing to release physical equipment, simplify maintenance, and also decrease time-to-market during the design, preparation, commissioning, and also changeover processes. OMRON is currently able to offer an extremely automated making website which does not rely upon human resources because of the COVID-19 situations.

At the heart of the new platform is a brand-new equipment controller, which supplies real-time synchronization in between all automation tools, including robots, vision components, drives, and also safety and security equipment. The new NJ501-R controller is based upon OMRON’s industry leading NJ collection of equipment controllers for industrial automation. By using the “Robotic Integrated Controller,” it has come to be feasible to automate complex and advanced manual work that had been formerly completed by human employees. Likewise, users may currently replicate the design and alteration of production centers in a digital setting, establish equipment, and perform maintenance remotely.

Typically, automation equipment for manufacturing facilities has actually generally been managed by a number of different controllers developing a major challenge to arrangement as well as coordinate the speed and timing between different devices. It was really difficult to verify a procedure layout in advance as well as with a high level of accuracy prior to construction of a maker or bigger manufacturing line. After the tools is commissioned, modifications require to be made onsite and backtracking and spec adjustments are common, resulting in a big number of man-hours.

OMRON is the company that creates the activity sensing units, robotics, and security equipment required to release a fully automated assembly line. The “Robot Integrated Controller” is an option which resolves obstacles that making sites have previously run into. OMRON has attended to these concerns by flawlessly integrating control equipment. The “2 assimilations” explained below will aid address the problems many consumers encounter in making sites.

Control Combination
The advanced and also seamless control of the “Robotic Integrated Controller” automates putting as well as putting together procedures that need delicate and also competent processing. The robots as well as devices are regulated and also totally synchronized in real-time by a solitary controller, enhancing device performance, and attaining the world’s highest degree of throughput * ².

Assimilation of the Building Refine
OMRON has established a technology that combines the shows languages for robot as well as machine control, making it simple to imitate your production line with single programs software program. PLC engineers are currently able to conveniently design robotic controls and also entire manufacturing systems, consisting of all motion, sensing unit, robotics, and also security equipment. Production lines can be simulated virtually, and the operation capability can be identified before the appointing of the center. The system visualizes the process, minimizing man-hours for process style and also functional confirmation by approximately 50% * ³. Furthermore, every one of this can be performed remotely. With Sysmac Workshop’s interface, individuals can create, program, troubleshoot, run as well as maintain future automation systems from another location from throughout the globe.

OMRON has an unique idea called “innovative-Automation.” With the introduction of the “Robot Integrated Controller,” OMRON is speeding up the advancement of the three “i’s” of innovation: integrated, smart, and also interactive. In particular, “automation of complicated tasks”, “automation of highly worked with maker to maker operation”, and also empowering customers in their efforts to transform the production flooring to adapt to modern difficulties by offering “a manufacturing website that is complimentary and also digital of area and time restrictions,” making the automation of these processes a truth.

Secret Attributes and also Benefits of the Integrated Controller:

By incorporating the PLC, movement, and robot control in a solitary controller, intricate manual work that might only be carried out by people can now be completed by robots. This integration automates skilled workers’ methods in the production area as well as recognizes highly synchronized robotics and also tools.
The programming language for the PLC and robot is linked in the generic IEC language, which allows engineers that commonly manage PLCs the capacity to additionally handle robotics.
With OMRON’s simulation modern technology, you can validate equipment performance at the early stage of equipment layout, permitting electrical developers as well as mechanical designers to make in parallel. Consequently, equipment appointing can be finished in a shorter duration, greater production capacity can be accomplished, and mistakes as well as troubles throughout tools appointing can be avoided.
To run the simulation, the user can utilize the emulation function in Sysmac Workshop. The system does not require a link to the actual maker for operation verification. The production ability of the robotic equipment can be kept track of digitally.
By re-using previous digitalized assets, it is less complicated to establish the next facility.

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