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OMRON Releases 1S Series AC Servo System*1 with PLe/SIL3 Safety Functions Providing Highest-level Safety – Higher Productivity and Safer Environment through Integration of Standard and Safety Control

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OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto. President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) announced the international launch in December of its 1S Series AC Servo System with Safety Functionality. A brand new version combined the 1S Series, assisting reach safer production environments and greater productivity from the electronic, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and other sectors.

While manufacturing labour is Difficult to come by Nowadays, Harmonization between machines and people has been accelerated, and there’s an increasing need to enhance both safety and productivity of fabricating equipment. Manufacturers are under pressure to rapidly install manufacturing equipment because of short product life spans. They, but have difficulty in technology since setting up secure gear calls for a skilled gear designer and software packs for security style and for movement design. Additionally, robots utilizing AC servo systems are being used to keep social distancing involving employees as a preventative step against infections such as COVID-19. Employees now will have to work safely and cheaply with machines.

The brand new AC Servo System with Safety Functionality supplies eight Safety works to securely operate machines. Each of the functions meet PLe/SIL3*two supplying the highest-level security, protecting the protection of machines, operators, and merchandise while enhancing the overall productivity of manufacturing equipment. By way of instance, in the event of an emergency cease, synchronized motors decelerate to a halt, and the static condition is tracked to prevent breakdown of merchandise and machines and easily restart the manufacturing equipment. Additionally, mixing using all the partitioning Software Sysmac Studio, that delivers an integrated development environment in the design to commissioning, makes programming simpler. This program helps enhance equipment performance and enhance rotational tasks. At the manufacturing floor where machines and people work collectively, the machines maintain running at the machine function place at safe rate in reaction to approaching individuals, ensuring that the security of operators and fostering production efficiency at precisely exactly the identical moment.

OMRON put forth a tactical notion known as”innovative-Automation” Comprising 3 inventions or”I”–“incorporated” (control development ),”smart” (growth of intellect by ICT), and also”interactive” (fresh harmonization between machines and people ). By employing the newest 1S Series together using Safety Functionality, OMRON accelerates”innovative-Automation” with its customer businesses and leads to enhancing security and productivity in manufacturing sites and raising efficacy from gear commissioning to manufacturing.

AC Servo System with Safety Functionality


Greater productivity and safer surroundings
Advanced movement security functions make it possible for machines to maintain running, enhancing maintenance and changeover efficiency whilst protecting the protection of operators, goods, and machines.

The maximum class security
Eight movement security works meet PLe/SIL3 based on ISO 13849-1, IEC 61508, and IEC 62061. This helps enhance security of fabricating equipment.

More efficient commissioning
The partitioning Software Sysmac Studio allows standard and security control to be simulated and designed in a sequential method. Commissioning period of this servo system and security system can be lowered by roughly 35 percent *3.

Adaptive equipment layout
One Cable Technology can be utilized for your own cable to attach the servo push and servomotor. Electricity, encoder, and brake are incorporated into a single pre-assembled cable. The rotating shaft connector of this servomotor enables change of this cable socket direction. These attributes ease cable connection and disconnection during gear design change and upkeep, improving design flexibility.

Eight movement security works


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