NewsEPC Launches New Radiation-Hardened GaN FETs for High-Reliability Space Applications

EPC Launches New Radiation-Hardened GaN FETs for High-Reliability Space Applications

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EPC (Efficient Power Conversion) recently unveiled two revolutionary radiation-hardened GaN FETs rated at 40 V, known as EPC7001 and EPC7002. Designed specifically to endure the rigorous radiation environments found in space, these advanced devices make ideal space applications with stringent reliability requirements.

The EPC7001 is a 40 V, 4 MOhm, 250 Apulsed radiation-hardened GaN FET designed for compact 7mm2 footprint. In comparison, its sibling device the EPC7002 features 40 V, 14.5 MOhms and 62 Apulsed Pulsed radiation in 1.87mm2 footprints respectively. These impressive devices boast impressive specifications like total dose radiation ratings greater than 1000K Rad(Si), SEE immunity up to 83.7 MeV/mg/cm2, VDS up to 100% of rated breakdown.

These advanced GaN FETs from EPC Space’s “Rad Hard” family come packaged in an easily manageable chip-scale package and meet the specific needs of space applications and industries.

EPC’s eGaN FETs and ICs provide an exceptional alternative to conventional silicon devices, offering significantly smaller form factors, 40x better electrical performance, reduced overall costs, as well as enhanced radiation resistance allowing higher total radiation levels and SEE LET levels than their silicon counterparts.

Applications that could benefit from high-performance GaN FETs range from DC-DC power converters and motor drives to DC-DC converters and lidar, deep probes and ion thrusters used on space missions. Furthermore, these devices are an excellent fit for both low and geosynchronous Earth Orbit satellites, as well as avionics systems.

Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of EPC, stressed the significance of EPC’s Rad Hard product family by extolling its outstanding performance, reliability, and space heritage – three qualities which make its devices invaluable when building more efficient and robust systems in demanding environments such as space or high-reliability military applications.

EPC remains at the forefront of innovation with their introduction of EPC7001 and EPC7002. Their exceptional performance and reliability ensure technological advances that further space exploration. Radiation-hardened GaN FETs such as these promises to elevate space missions while ushering in a new era of space technology.

What are Radiation Hardened GaN FETs

Radiation-hardened GaN FETs (Field-Effect Transistors) are electronic devices specially engineered to withstand high levels of ionizing radiation found in harsh environments like space. GaN stands for Gallium Nitride, an extremely fast electron mobility material known for providing greater performance compared to silicon devices.

Space and aerospace applications such as satellites and deep space probes expose electronic components to cosmic rays and solar particles, which can damage them over time and reduce performance. Radiation-hardened GaN FETs have been engineered specifically to be more resistant against radiation effects – making them suitable for use in these difficult environments.

GaN FETs developed using advanced processes and materials have been specially engineered to maintain their functionality and performance even when exposed to high radiation levels, providing increased reliability under extreme conditions, making them suitable for space missions or other radiation-intensive applications.

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