NewsNexperia launches industry-first LED drivers in DFN package with side-wettable flanks

Nexperia launches industry-first LED drivers in DFN package with side-wettable flanks

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Nexperia, the specialist in necessary semiconductors, today revealed a brand-new range of LED drivers in the space-saving DFN2020D-6 (SOT1118D) bundle. This instance style features side-wettable flanks (SWF) which promote using AOI (automated optical examination), as well as improve reliability. This is the first time LED drivers have been offered in this useful bundle. The brand-new leadless devices join Nexperia’s variety of LED vehicle drivers in leaded packages supplying equivalent performance yet minimizing PCB area by approximately 90% compared to SOT223.

With an impact of just 2×2 mm as well as a low profile of 0.65 mm, the brand-new DFN2020D-6 LED drivers are offered in NPN and also PNP technology. They include a result current of as much as 250 mA (NCR32x kinds) and also an optimum supply voltage of 75 V. Their high thermal power capability is at least equal to any other package for LED vehicle drivers.

Using side-wettable flanks not only makes it possible for AOI techniques to be made use of – which is specifically important for vehicle clients– yet likewise boosts dependability. Instruments with side-wettable flanks display a higher resistance to shear pressures, and also can take care of better board flexing without fracturing than gadgets without side-wettable flanks.

Commented Frank Matschullat, item team supervisor at Nexperia: “The brand-new DFN2020D-packaged get rid of SWF address the issues of various sectors– size, performance, durability– so they are an ideal suit for many varied applications generally lights, white goods and vehicle. Nexperia is committed to provide industry’s widest distinct profile in DFN modern technology, so presenting LED drivers in this rugged, space-saving bundle is an all-natural action. However, components are likewise available in leaded SMD designs so clients can choose which to utilize.”


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