NewsROHM Introduces RGB Chip LED for Automotive Interiors with Enhanced Color Expression

ROHM Introduces RGB Chip LED for Automotive Interiors with Enhanced Color Expression

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ROHM, an established semiconductor manufacturer, recently made headlines when they introduced their ground-breaking LED technology SMLVN6RGBFU RGB chip LED solution designed specifically to meet automotive interior demands with enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal. This cutting edge LED solution offers enhanced functionality as well as aesthetic value.

As vehicles continue to feature advanced driver assistance features and electronic systems, the need for RGB chip LEDs capable of producing a broad spectrum of colors has grown increasingly important. These LEDs serve a multitude of functions in instrument clusters and center information displays (CIDs), serving to indicate different operational statuses while also serving as accent lighting in footwells and door handles for creating luxurious and relaxing cabin environments.


ROHM’s SMLVN6RGBFU RGB chip LED sets a new benchmark by significantly reducing color variation through precise control of its red, green and blue (RGB) elements. By harnessing in-house device technology for color mixing and minimization of variations that commonly arise in RGB chip LEDs – which ensures accurate and consistent expression to meet automotive interior standards.

One of the challenges in creating RGB chip LEDs lies in achieving their desired colors through precise control over wavelength and brightness of each RGB element. ROHM’s vertically integrated production system encompasses every step in fabrication process and ensures tighter control over element color variation than general products on the market. Furthermore, ROHM’s proprietary element mixing control technology further increases color accuracy resulting in superior performance for automotive lighting applications. Furthermore, to meet customer requirements more effectively ROHM also offers detailed color matching tailored specifically to specifications through its chromaticity simulation system.

ROHM’s commitment to producing superior products allows it to enhance in-vehicle comfort and safety through industry-leading RGB chip LED solutions, contributing towards creating an immersive driving experience through interior lighting designs that optimize illumination designs for automotive interiors.

The SMLVN6RGBFU features an advanced chromaticity simulation system which allows adjustment coefficients to be set for each rank in order to enable precise color matching and provide exceptional control of color accuracy, making it the perfect solution for automotive lighting applications.

ROHM continues to push the limits of LED technology, driving innovation in automotive applications while setting new benchmarks in performance, reliability and aesthetic quality.

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