NewsNew Raspberry Pi OS Launched with Powerful Updates

New Raspberry Pi OS Launched with Powerful Updates

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Raspberry Pi foundation never fails to surprise its users and community with powerful devices and gadgets. They have a professional research and development team that enhances the quality of their system with new ideas and execution plans. In this devastating year of 2020, the Raspberry Pi Foundation goes further in the technological world with the scaling-up of Raspberry Pi OS to make its users happy.

New Raspberry Pi OS release — December 2020

Updated Browser

Raspberry Pi updated its browser to make a smooth experience for the users. They updated the chromium-browser to the latest browser version 84 to make the users see an excellent quality video online. Raspberry Pi’s research and development team also made sure that the updated chromium-browser runs successfully in the systems of the users by running prototypes on it. The team did a lot of testing on a variety of platforms to see the quality of work of the chromium-browser. There are numerous video conferencing applications or websites that run on the chromium-browser as google meet, zoom, Microsoft, etc. on which the research and development made their trials.

New sound server

The Raspberry Pi team updated Raspberry OS with the PulseAudio sound server that was a need of the hour. One of the main problems came with the Linux operating system that audio on the Linux platform is a bit complex for the users. It repelled numerous users to make something better on the Linux platform. It made the Raspberry Pi community and techies in a lot of confusing states that wasted their time and money.

New Raspberry Pi OS release
Many users took the work from ALSA or Advanced Linux Sound Architecture which is a low-level audio interface as Raspberry Pi OS used ALSA on its platform. One of the cons of ALSA is that it can only run one input and one output at a time that limits the usage of the people. If one wants to understand the limitation of ALSA in the detail then if a user plays a video on YouTube and then simultaneously they start a video on a third-party media player then they won’t be able to see or listen to audio/video. If we look at the modern operating systems then audio systems have become advanced that lets the user interact with the system in a better manner.

Device profiles

A minor change has been made by the Raspberry Pi that is upgraded Input/output selectors that come under the section of the Device profile. If we look at the functions of PulseAudio, an audio device comes with a variety of profiles that might be one or many as per the development of its manufacturing design. Raspberry Pi research and development team made the changes by which a user can automate the audio system in the Raspberry Pi OS. A user can also perform the task manually by the device profiles.

New Raspberry Pi OS launched

Configure Printers

A lot of users of Raspberry Pi need one of the things in the updates of Raspberry Pi is the connection between the Raspberry Pi and printers. People want to configure the printers with the Raspberry Pi but it was not possible to do that in the old module. In the recent updates, Raspberry Pi acknowledged the problems related to printing and launched a new operating system from which a user can perform the task of printing with ease.

New Raspberry Pi OS

More accessible to visual impaired

Raspberry Pi has the goal that every person gets knowledge about technology and makes the world a better place with their knowledge. One of the upgrades that Raspberry Pi did that they made it more accessible for visually impaired people. It is one of the commendable works that Raspberry Pi performed that would increase the number of users.

New Raspberry Pi OS release in December 2020

How can I upgrade my Raspberry Pi OS?

If you want to get an update of Raspberry Pi OS then you can directly upgrade it from the official website of Raspberry Pi or you can do it manually by the following method

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

If you want to know more about the updated Raspberry Pi OS then click here.

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