NewsMurata Introduces Smallest MLCCs with High Capacitance for Enhanced Performance and Miniaturization

Murata Introduces Smallest MLCCs with High Capacitance for Enhanced Performance and Miniaturization

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Murata Electronics remains at the leading the way in passive technology advancement. Thanks to their Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacity (MLCC) launch Murata Electronics is addressing an increasing demand for components with higher capacitance, along with smaller shape factors and improved temperature performance. GRM range of ceramic multilayer capacitors provide capacities that exceed 10uF with +/20% of tolerance, within the 0201 inch/0603M size. These are the smaller MLCC products available to offer capacitances of this size which is the reduction of 65% in size when compared to 0402inch/1005M models that normally require to be specifically specified. Multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) permit the to use smaller components, resulting in the reduction of board space and cost savings for bill-of-materials. Multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) is an electronic component intended to store and discharge electricity within circuits. The capacitors consist of several layer of ceramic, interspersed with electrodes of metal, and combined into an ultra-compact and high-capacitance configuration. These capacitors are used extensively in electronic circuits and devices specifically for functions like decoupling, smoothing and filtering and storage of energy. They are well-known for their compact dimensions, capacitances that are high with low impedance levels, as well as outstanding frequency response properties. Additionally, MLCCs are available in a variety of sizes and packages with capacitance ratings and voltage quantities to meet the requirements of a variety of electronic applications.

Murata’s GRM series makes use of significant innovations, like thin layer formation technology and an optimised high-precision lamination process to provide products that have temperatures ranging from 55°C and 85°C. They also boast an operating voltage of 4.0VDC and a temperature tolerance of 85degC. The mass production process will start this September for GRM035C80E106M products that have a 2.5VDC rating ranging from -55degC up to 105degC. Following this will be GRM035R60J106M (6.3VDC rating from 55degC-85degC).

They MLCCs are a great component to integrate into the smoothing and decoupling circuitry of smartphones and portable devices and wearables, household appliances servers, as well as IoT hardware.

“Murata recognizes the increasing need in multiple markets for capacitors with strong capacitance figures that also take up minimal PCB footprint,” according to Hidetoshi Nakagawa who is the General Director of Ceramic Capacitor Marketing at Murata. The reduction in size of capacitors is also a way of lessening the environmental impact of electronic devices while ensuring long-term sustainability through reducing the amount of the amount of materials used for manufacturing and the electric use in their production.

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