NewsSEGGER Releases Embedded Studio with ARMv8-A CPU Support for Efficient Embedded Development

SEGGER Releases Embedded Studio with ARMv8-A CPU Support for Efficient Embedded Development

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 SEGGER’s IDE all-in-one solution for coding embedded applications. Embedded Studio now supports ARMv8-A CPUs like Cortex-A53, Cortex A57 and Cortex A72 for the development of even more streamlined embedded applications.
With a consistent design and user interface across all platforms, and fully portable projects, developers can enjoy seamless development with the same look and feel across Windows, Linux, and macOS and also Arm, Intel, and Apple Silicon.

Embedded Studio includes all of the features and tools needed to be a professional embedded C/C+ development and programming. SEGGER provides high-performance runtimes as well as floating point libraries that are specifically designed for embedded systems. The floating-point emRun and emFloat libraries, as well as their sophisticated Linker are optimized since day one to work in embedded environments. Through combining SEGGER C/C Compiler’s extremely optimized capability to generate code together with the integrated Studio embedded development platform (IDE), SEGGER can create small, yet effective applications that utilize every byte efficiently. Embedded Studio offers developers an environment specifically designed for the creation of embedded applications. Embedded Studio offers an impressive range of features and tools that support embedded C and C++ development for professional applications, on different platforms, including Windows, Linux and macOS and provides consistent user experiences for all operating system. The toolkit is highly optimized and includes runtime libraries, an advanced linker, and a powerful C/C++ compiler that can produce compact and efficient software designed for embedded platforms. Embedded Studio features an on-board debugger that is compatible with J-Link as well as the GDB remote protocol to allow compatibility with debug probes from third party vendors. In addition, SEGGER offers its Friendly License that allows free use for non-commercial and educational purposes with no size restriction or features limitations.

“SEGGER has seen an increased adoption of 64-bit cores across our customer base, due to many modern SoCs and FPGAs using them,” says Ivo Geilenbruegge as the director of management at SEGGER. “Support for Arm64 has become increasingly important for keeping our products cutting edge; our multiplatform solutions cover everything from microcontrollers up to devices containing multiple Arm Cortex A 64-bit cores – our single IDE serves them all!”

Embedded Studio comes equipped with its own debugger which natively incorporates J-Link for automated testing in addition to the an integration with GDB remote protocol to make use of debug probes from third-party vendors.

Under the SEGGER Friendly License, Embedded Studio is free to evaluate for non-commercial or educational purposes with no restrictions on the size of code or features, nor on the duration of use.

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