NewsMouser supplies Analog Devices' Compact, High-Performance ADA4355 Photodetector Receiver μModule

Mouser supplies Analog Devices’ Compact, High-Performance ADA4355 Photodetector Receiver μModule

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., the sector’s leading New Product Introduction(NPI )distributor with the best selection of semiconductors as well as electronic parts, is now stocking the new ADA4355 photodetector receiver μModule ® from Analog Devices, Inc. Housed in an ultra-small plan that conserves board area by up to 75 percent, the ADA4355 includes all the called for energetic and passive parts to understand a total information procurement remedy for a series of general-purpose applications, along with specific use cases for interactions, instrumentation, aerospace, and defense.

The Analog Devices ADA4355 μModule, readily available from Mouser Electronics, supplies instrument-level performance for determining high-speed and low-level currents, from microamperes to picoamperes, that spot very closely spaced events in reflectometry applications. The device includes a 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a conversion price of 125 megasamples per secondly (MSPS) for a current-to-bits option. The μModule’s analog filter provides reliable noise reduction as well as anti-alias filtering system, supplying a selectable LPF bandwidth of 1.0 MHz or 100 MHz.ADVERTISEMENT The ADA4355 is sustained by the EVAL-ADA4355EBZ examination board which, when incorporated with a user-supplied Xilinx KC705

FPGA assessment package develops a complete evaluation platform that offers the memory, refining power, as well as GPIOs to carry out all control as well as information adjustment functions. Engineers can make use of the EVAL-ADA4355EBZ evaluation board for current-to-voltage conversion, mass spectroscopy, chemical analyzers, and time-of-flight applications. To get more information about the Analog Devices ADA4355, visit As a worldwide authorized representative, Mouser supplies the globe’s widest selection of the newest semiconductors and also electronic components– in stock as well as ready to deliver. Mouser’s consumers can expect 100% accredited, authentic items that are fully deducible from each of its manufacturer companions. To help speed up customers’ designs, Mouser’s web site hosts a considerable library of technological sources, consisting of a Technical Resource Center, together with product information sheets, supplier-specific recommendation layouts, application notes, technological design information, engineering tools and also various other valuable information.

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