NewsMonitor Traffic Data with WeCount Traffic Sensors based on Raspberry Pi

Monitor Traffic Data with WeCount Traffic Sensors based on Raspberry Pi

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Traffic flow is just one of the most crucial things a town planner should know while creating a town. It’s essential for a town planner to search for the information of the amount of vehicles from town to program a better path and route for them. The majority of the scientists and data analysts are still working with the nations to organize the cities in accordance with the requirement of the public to make the procedure easier in the country. There are authorities which are utilizing some pricey technology to do the preparation of town. In the event of this WeCount project, an inexpensive solution was discovered and supplied to the conditions which is based on Raspberry Pi. The MagPi Magazine has been covered the meeting of the founder of WeCount, Kris Vanherle, which made lots of men and women become drawn to the project.

Is not it cool to get a price saving and highly effective technologies in our control to track the traffic in a efficient manner. It might save a great deal of cash from the authorities that will be used for different items in the country. Now let us begin understanding a little more regarding the project!!!

About WeCount

In brief, the project relies on counting vehicles such as the sport that we play throughout our journeys. As opposed to stand someone on the path to count every car on the street, Kris Vanherle came about creating a way WeCount to perform so for creating the traffic simpler. He required the support of their citizens to track the visitors by encouraging people to put a detector in their house, peering from the window. “Data group also gets more economical for local governments and taxpayers can help interpret the information,” he adds. Engineering and emissions specialist Kris Vanherle states that the job gets simpler with more people which take efforts to perform the work perfectly.

WeCount Traffic Sensors based on Raspberry Pi

Cloud Information upload

You’ll find 6 European cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin, Cardiff, Ljubljana, and Leuven, which have accepted that this tech and function is currently in process. Each of the information from the folks uploads the cloud that allows the creator to track the visitors including all the gathered data. There are initiatives such as pollution, security, busy travel, noise, and rate in which you can utilize this information to fix these problems in a more educated way.


At the beginning of the undertaking, all of the detectors were constructed based on Raspberry Pi 3B+ machines however after a time the manufacturing apparatus utilized Raspberry Pi 3A+. “These provide the necessary processing power and memory and we’ve discovered we didn’t want the additional vents of its own big brother after the first development stage,” explains Dr Péter I. Pápics, a researcher in Transport & Mobility Leuven.

He disclosed that the job employs standard Python libraries together with OPENCV for its image processing system in an efficient fashion and algorithm of item monitoring. “We will need to keep the essential frame rate, and it will be about 30fps, to catch even the quickest automobiles over at least a couple of frames,” he’s.

“So we’re utilizing the simplest wallpaper extraction and shape detection approaches to locate moving objects on each and every frame and a monitoring algorithm to recognize and monitor them within their visibility interval extending across a pair of sequential frames”

Even a Raspberry Pi could function as a strong and innovative wireless hotspot using a simpler user interface than another single board pc. “After ten minutes, the hotspot mode is disabled and Raspberry Pi also tries to link to the native Wi-Fi,” states Péter. “When effective, the true traffic tracking script has been triggered and different properties of the found objects are occasionally transmitted to our own solutions in which information processing systems, classification, and aggregation providers create the information that is available on our site or through the public API.”

Answer of the citizen

The building group was overwhelmed with the reaction of the taxpayers since the majority of the folks today wish to return for the remedy. It arrived as a tsunami of these answers of the taxpayers which helped the group to construct a greater flow of traffic along with other items in town. The towns involved are enthused. Prof Enda Hayes, by the University of the West of England at Bristol, says that he had been eager to add Cardiff since it’s immeasurable potential for much more active traveling. “The town’s inhabitants are extremely car dependent and also the town experiences a massive influx of daily commuters using the vast majority of those journeys — a 80 percent — from automobile,” he states.

Sensors of this job

These detectors are also created for counting the pedestrians and bicycles which enhance the information system for your group. “I delivered you into a volunteer that he dwelt to a yearlong road and discovered pedestrians and bikers were using the road as a lively traveling rat-run for into a nearby train station. He desired to convert the road to some Low Traffic Neighborhood.”

Kris states the information also allows investigators to see how traffic works if ponds are shut on adjoining roads and it has been used to improve compliance to rate limitations. “WeCount enables citizens and anybody who would like to join may do this since the platform is available,” he states.

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