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Measure Air Quality With Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi is a reputed name in the market from which people have made advanced products and gadgets. Millions of users are using Raspberry Pi to build a modern world with futuristic products. SB Components came as a design partner to run their initiative “Innovate better, Live Better” under which they have launched Air Monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi. A user can monitor the quantity of particulate matter( PM 1.0, PM 2.5, and PM 10) that would make them understand the condition of their environment. The lack of knowledge of the environment is causing people’s lives that is eradicating slowly from the world. Air Monitoring HAT is the product that would help people to get the measure of the quality of the environment based on monitor Particulate matter in the ambiance.  

Air Monitoring HAT 

Air Monitoring HAT is an advanced product developed by SB Components to make the world a better place. It is an open-source portable sensor for Raspberry Pi that can provide the level of quantity of the suspended particulates with their mass. A user can also use it to develop IoT based applications from which they can send the data of the particulate matter on the cloud storage. SB Component developed Air Monitoring HAT that has a powerful sensor, PMSA003, also comprises of a digital sensor, OLED Display 0.91”, operating voltage of  3.3V, etc. It is developed for the people who want a measure of Particulate matter( PM 1.0, PM 2.5, and PM 10). It will help people to get information about their ambiance that would make them work on making it better. 

Why does it matter?

How particulate matter affects our life and why should we care about Air Monitoring HAT. Why does it matter if a person does not have an idea about the effects of particulate matter in their life? One should understand the basic thing about particulate matter that which is a combination of organic and inorganic matter suspended particles in the air( PM 1.0. PM 2.5, and PM 10). When a person breathes air then these suspended particles come into the body system that could harm the body. Cardiovascular problems are one of the harmful diseases that could happen to people from the particulate matter. The condition of the environment of our world is at a hazardous phase right now that need to be resolved. SB Components developed Air Monitoring HAT with high precision sensors so that users do not have any problem in the monitoring process of particulate matter.  

Why you should Monitor Environment?

Why I should monitor the environment? Did I do something wrong to harm the environment? I am not a scientist what would I do by measuring the data of particulate matter? A lot of people have these questions in their mind when they look at the Air Monitoring HAT. Every individual needs to understand their environment to make sure that they take care of themselves and other living kinds. It would help the developers to build an advanced system to monitor the environment and make it clean. A user can make projects like Air monitoring HAT based purifier so that it can work with higher efficiency to clean air. People should understand that clean air is not just only their right but a necessity to live. A person can do more to save the environment when they would have the idea of how bad is the condition right now. More individuals would have information about the particulate matter in their ambiance that would make them solve the problem. 

Process to run Air Monitoring HAT

On successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign for Air Monitoring HAT, we have made our GitHub repository and will public it after the campaign’s end so that our users can download it and start tinkering with ideas.

  • Open Terminal and Clone GitHub repository of AIR monitoring HAT by running the git clone command. (Link not active)Air Monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi
  • It will download repository to “/home/pi” directory
  • Enable Raspberry Pi Serial and i2c interface by running the below command then select the desired option

sudo raspi-config

  • Now enter our downloaded folder by running the below command

cd Air_Monitoring_HAT

  • Now run Air monitoring GUI by running the below command

Sudo python3

  • Click on the start button on GUI to start the process to read data from the sensor, at this screen you can check live PM data from the sensor as well as the graph.Air Quality Monitor HAT for Raspberry PI
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