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KEMET Introduces Three New Series of Film Capacitors for Rapidly Expanding Green Energy and Automotive Applications

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These capacitors likewise support power conversion in power storage systems, IGBT as well as vast bandgap (WBG) semiconductor tools. The R75H collection, a radial box pulse capacitor, is similar in that it sustains these applications, but also deals with the auto industry with its high voltage, AEC-Q200 licensed style.

The latest C44U-M series features a DC-Link and DC filter power movie capacitor created for high-power conversion systems applications in green energy, commercial, and power storage space systems. It supports DC networks as well as proportionally provides high existing based upon circuit requirements or load demands– an usual characteristic in wind, solar, as well as storage space power technologies. Its high DC voltage load capability (1,800 VDC) and high surge present make this UL810-certified capacitor ideal for high capacitance while lessening ESR. The brand-new C44P-R collection is UL-810-certified and includes high present capacity for input and result AC filtering system (up to 1,000 VAC) in solar converters, wind turbines, uninterruptible power products, as well as power element improvement systems. These cylindrical aluminum cylinder capacitors permit greater power thickness, extended life, high quality, as well as integrity building and constructions as a result of our fully up and down incorporated manufacturing center in Bulgaria.

Developed with a radial box style for PCB placing, the R75H Pulse collection consists of the very same high energy density, prolonged life, as well as integrity benefits. This series meets among one of the most strenuous dependability standards in the industry with its high voltage range (as much as 2,000 VDC), high capacitance array, high dv/dt capacity, as well as AEC-Q200 accredited layout. These automotive-grade capacitors can sustain power conversion for on-board electronics systems and also on-board battery administration systems in lorries, micro-inverters in photovoltaic panels, and WBG semiconductor gadgets in power supply systems. This series is designed for convenience in rough problems because of its THB (Temperature Level Humidity Bias) test ability of up to 85 ºC/ 85 R.H and also running temperature approximately 125 ° C. Its heat ability is well-suited for applications that call for miniaturization and less capacitors as a result of elevated temperatures and also regularities, such as powerful tank circuits with WBG semiconductor parts.

These film capacitors launch at a time when eco-friendly (environment-friendly) power and modern technologies are expanding at a steady rate. In the International Power Agency’s (IEA) “Renewables 2019” record *, the total global renewable-based power ability will expand by 50 percent in between 2019 and also 2024.

The C44U-M, C44P-R, as well as R75H collection are available promptly through KEMET representatives. To find out more about these power conversion technologies, go to

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