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Isolated AC Power Measurements with Arduino

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The ability to measure AC loads is extremely useful to a complete home automation system. By measuring draw on the grid, you allows you to determine the exact location where power is moving. The PQduino wirelessly monitors the AC load of up to 5 amps with an amp peak of 10 amps. The transmission of data over air ensures that your device is more secure since there’s the absence of a physical link to devices with low power such as a PC, consequently, the whole system can be enclosed completely to protect against accidental shock.

The UI appearance is stunning and an array of crucial parameters are displayed such as RMS voltage and current as well as reactive and active power frequency, THD, and many more. The information is presented in a simple, easy-to-read format and nothing can stop you from creating your own program to process or store data whatever way you like!

It’s also possible to test an entire 3-phase system with three PQduinos, and then using the data from all three. With OTA updating systems, a system that is installed is able to be updated and upgraded without shutting off power or even access the enclosure that it’s in. Compatible with both Wi-Fi using an ESP8266 as well as Bluetooth with an HC05 it allows for rapid data transfer or switch to a low-power mode by using Bluetooth only.

The main measurement transformer can only be designed to handle 5A continuous, 10A peak, the current transformer of an additional source could easily increase the range of measurement to whatever you require. Keep in mind that working with voltages that are mains is risky — make sure to disconnect the power source from all devices prior to doing any work with them. Make sure to use the correct safety equipment and, if you are unsure, call an electrician who is professional to complete the installation for you.

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