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Intel Unveils Core Ultra 5 134U and Core Ultra 7 164U: The 12-Core Meteor Lake Processors

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Intel recently expanded its Meteor Lake series with the introduction of new processors, namely Intel Core Ultra 5 134U and Core Ultra 7 164U. These 12-core processors boast a Processor Base Power (PBP) of 9W and a Max Turbo Power (MTP) of 30W. These new additions seem to have been recently incorporated into Intel Ark, further enhancing Intel’s offering in the processor market.

Intel vPro Platform Support for Core Ultra Meteor Lake Processors

In an effort to make the new processors more appealing to business customers, Intel has announced the inclusion of Intel vPro Platform support for the Core Ultra Meteor Lake processors. This upgrade offers improved security through the AI-powered Intel Threat Detection Technology, better manageability via Intel Device Discovery, and enhanced stability with Intel’s Stable IT Program. The latter is pivotal in validating and ensuring Windows 10 and Windows 11 compatibility.

Comparison with Existing 15W Parts

Liliputing has observed that apart from the existing 15W parts like the Intel Core Ultra 5 125U or Core Ultra 7 165U, Intel has introduced some 9W parts such as the Core Ultra 5 134U and Core Ultra 7 164U. These new additions are quite similar to the existing 15W Meteor Lake-U parts, featuring 12 cores in a 2 P-Core+8 E-Core+2 LP-Core setup, 14 threads, 12MB chance, and Intel UHD graphics with 4 Intel Xe GPU cores.

Differences between the 9W and 15W Processors

Despite the similarities, there are some notable differences between the 9W and 15W processors. For instance, the 9W Meteor Lake U-series Type4 processors come in a smaller package, offer fewer PCIe 4.0/3.0 lanes, and provide support for up to only 64GB LLPDR5 RAM. In contrast, the 15W SKUs can handle up to 96GB. Therefore, the 9W processors are likely to be found in thinner laptops and mini PCs, regardless of whether they are actively cooled or fanless.

Additional Features

Other noteworthy features common to all Meteor Lake processors include the Intel AI Boost NPU for AI acceleration, Thunderbolt 4 interfaces, and support for WiFi 7 and Bluetooth LE audio. These features underline Intel’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

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