NewsHow Harmony wireless devices can foster productivity

How Harmony wireless devices can foster productivity

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There are many wireless communication devices. They allow us to be connected all the time, allowing us to access data and save time without any limitations. Manufacturing operations and utilities monitoring and control are just like our daily lives. They help us save time and increase productivity. Wireless connectivity transforms machine mobility, flexibility, and comfort to wireless. This solution can improve machine performance and productivity and can even solve pain points during machine life.

Future devices will all be connected together using the same 2.4 GHz worldwide frequency. This will allow for greater performance and simplifying wiring. Wireless architectures will be more popular when mobility and flexibility are required.

It is exciting and inspiring to realize that wireless remotes and buttons are being used in new ways every day. 

Schneider Electric is part this adventure, with a portfolio industrial wireless remote-control products that contribute to

  • Productivity and efficiency by
    • Reduced installation time and costs for new machinery
    • Avoid downtime caused by broken wires
    • Mobility can help increase Operator efficiency
  • Flexibility in the renovation of existing installations

Harmony XB5R, Harmony Pocket Remote and Harmony Remote meet these expectations in many types of applications such as packaging (i.e. : wrapping machine) , material handling (i.e. : AGV, forklift), automotive (i.e. :Andon system, agriculture (i.e. : irrigation system).

Presentation of Harmony XB5R

The Harmony XB5R wireless, and the battery less pushbutton can be used to remote control a receiver relay by using a transmitter pushbutton. One Zigbee Green Power radio-coded signal is sent in one pulse to one or more receivers located many tens of metres away. Different transmitters can activate one receiver.

This technology can be used for remote control applications, but not for lifting applications or safety applications.

Harmony Pocket Remote Presentation

Harmony Pocket Remote controls work by combining a transmitter with a receiver. Radio-coded messages are sent to one or more receivers located several tens and thousands of meters away. Different transmitters can activate one receiver. The wireless radio remote control, which is small and portable, can be used for industrial purposes and has an easy-to-install feature.

This technology, which is based on the discontinued simplex radio mode, can be used for remote control applications, but not safety applications.


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