NewsGet connected to your Nano with the Screw Terminal Adapter

Get connected to your Nano with the Screw Terminal Adapter

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The new Nano Screw Terminal Adapter speeds up prototyping by providing a reliable and fast way to connect your boards. This new addition is just what experienced makers have been begging for and is now available at the Arduino Store.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this miniature mechanical marvel.

Solderless solutions

You can solder your Nano to a completed project. Even if you connect it with a header strip the wires, sensors, and accessories will be soldered to the controller side. This is a good idea if you want a reliable connection.

Permanent connections such as these can be problematic because they are permanent. It can be a hassle to solder and de-solder during prototyping and design. It can also be harmful to the components and the board.

You need the Screw Terminal Adapter. We’ve received a lot of requests for this adapter. It allows people to make strong, quick, and easy connections that can be easily changed.

Access to all I/Os is easy

Nano Screw Terminal Adapter has a double row headers. The Nano can be inserted into the inner rows and a second row of headers is provided. This allows you to connect with jumpers, wires, or whatever else you like.

You will then find a third row connectors at either end of the adapter, with a screw terminal to each pin. This is the perfect way to connect wires and components in a reliable but flexible way. These connections make it easier than ever to design and develop a project.

A 9×8 prototyping area is available with through-plated holes to add additional components, connections, or accessories.

This doesn’t have only for prototyping. Screw terminals are a trusted and long-standing connection option. It can be a permanent fixture in any project. It’s up to you and that is what this board is about: giving you many reliable options.

Get connected

This is a great tool for any Arduino enthusiast or maker. They come in three-packs. You’ll see how important they are once you have used them. The adapter saves time and labor by allowing you to easily assemble, test, modify, and reassemble your project.

They can be purchased bundled with your Nano board. In this case, you receive one adapter. This is the perfect partnership for prototyping.

The Nano Screw Terminal Adapter can now be purchased on the Arduino Store. It will also be available through our global network reseller partners in the coming days.

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