NewsDual 200mA op amp from STMicroelectronics drives power-hungry industrial and automotive loads

Dual 200mA op amp from STMicroelectronics drives power-hungry industrial and automotive loads

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STMicroelectronics’ TSB582 dual-high-output amplifier simplifies circuitry to drive inductive and low-ohmic loads such as motors, valves and rotary resolvers in both industrial and automotive applications. The TSB582 can be powered by 4V-36V and has two operational amplifiers (opamps) that are capable of sinking/sourcing up 200mA. This allows for direct connection to a load in bridge-tied modes, allowing one TSB582 replace two single-channel power opamps or high-current drivers made from discrete components.

The TSB582 can combine two opamps in one package. This allows for up to half the board space to be saved and lowers the cost of materials. The TSB582 is available in both industrial- and automotive-grade versions. It can be used to control robot movements, position, conveyor belts, servo motors, and other applications. Motor-position sensing, including steer-by wire and electric-traction motors. Also tracks road-wheel rotation in autonomous driving systems and self-driving cars. The TSB582 has an internal short circuit and overtemperature protection. It can be wired to rail outputs and operates at a maximum gain-bandwidth of 3.1MHz (GBW). Both industrial- and automotive-grade versions can be used at temperatures between -40 and 125 degrees Celsius. They are also EMI-hardened and offer ESD resistance up to 4kV HBM.

Two package options are available, one with low thermal resistance. One is the SO8 with an exposed thermal pad, and the other is the 3mm x3mm DFN8 which has an exposed thermal pad and wetable flanks. To meet automotive quality assurance requirements, the wettable flanks facilitate inspection after soldering. DFN8 3mmx3mm is now available in industrial grade. Within Q3 2022, the equivalent package in automotive grade will be available. The SO8 package in both grades of the DFN8 3mm x 3mm package will also be available. ST’s 10-years long-term program includes the TSB582 and samples of it are now available on the ST eStore.

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