Newselement14 Launches Op-Amp-a-Palooza Design Challenge

element14 Launches Op-Amp-a-Palooza Design Challenge

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element14 the element14 Community, which is part of the Avnet Community announced Op-Ampa-Palooza which is an open-ended exploration of op-amps that utilize inexpensive components. Members of the community are invited to participate in the Op-Amp-aPalooza event and be in with a chance to win the operational amp (op-amp) kit supplied by Renesas, Microchip, and Maxim to share their unique proposal for projects.

Op-amps are digital voltage amplifier that is DC-coupled equipped with a differential input and usually it has a single-ended output. Its name was derived from being able to perform arithmetic functions. In this case an opamp creates an output power that is generally 100,000 times higher than the possible difference in its output terminals.

“We love the versatility of op-amps,” stated Dianne Kibbey who is the Global Director for Community and Social Media for the element14 Community. “The possibilities are infinite, from building buffers and amplifiers to the measurement of current audio vs. radio frequency. the HT precision circuits, and much more. We’re excited to see what innovative projects the members of our creative community come up with.”

Op-Amp-aPalooza is now open until April 25th. Participants can submit a proposalthat outlines the ideas they have for building using an op-amp package, and the steps required to complete the task. The winner of the grand prize will be awarded an op-amp test kit that includes an arbitrarily Waveform Generator and a power supply for a bench and a handheld oscilloscope and the $100 shopping cart. Three first-place winners will get an arbitrarily-shaped waveform generator, a bench power supply as well as an USB oscilloscope, as well as the gift of a 100-dollar shopping cart. The winners will be announced on May 4th.

People looking for inspiration for their Op-Amp-aPalooza submissions may look over recent projects that have been developed through the community, which utilize the Op-amps. These include:

* An Amplified Stereo Mic Kit

* A Phonograph Preamplifier

* A Smart Coin Sorter

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