ProjectControlling any IR device with a remote and some hacking

Controlling any IR device with a remote and some hacking

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Many times, we encounter the problem of having a variety of remote controlled devices scattered throughout their home Each one having its own controller. The principle of how they function is straightforward one action corresponds to a particular number and pressing the button within the device causes the number along with additional information, to be transmitted by an infrared light that is then transmitted to the receiver of the device. After that, this number is decoded, and the operation is performed.

To bring the various code patterns into one location, YouTuber Endpoint101 decided to make use of the Arduino Nano plus an infrared receiver as well as an emitter that can function as a translator to the Amazon Fire TV remote, making a universal remote control. If a new device being added, the user must first push the appropriate button of the targeted device’s controller. This could be any of a direction, playback of media, or volume adjustment. It’s later taken from the Nano and saved. The final step is creating a map of the codes already in use from Fire TV’s remote Fire TV remote and setting them up to match the intended code.

Through this system, Endpoint101 can now turn on any device that he wishes to use one remote controller instead of having to search in vain for the right one. To learn more about the project, take a look at this video!

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