NewsCommScope and STMicroelectronics Collaborate to Enhance IoT Security with Integrated Solution

CommScope and STMicroelectronics Collaborate to Enhance IoT Security with Integrated Solution

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CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM), a renowned global leader in network connectivity, and STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a prominent global semiconductor leader, have announced a significant advancement in IoT device security. They have integrated CommScope’s PKIWorks™ IoT security platform with STMicroelectronics’ widely acclaimed STM32WB microcontroller unit (MCU). This strategic collaboration offers a comprehensive turnkey solution for device manufacturers to develop IoT devices that conform to the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Matter standard, which is crucial for ensuring security in IoT devices.

The integration significantly streamlines the process of secure Matter-device-credentials development and provisioning, effectively reducing costs and time for IoT device manufacturers. With this solution, devices can be commissioned directly at the MCU level, eliminating the need for extensive developer intervention. This initiative leverages CommScope’s 35 years of experience in securely integrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates into high-volume manufacturing, combined with STMicroelectronics’ expertise in microcontrollers and development ecosystems.

Nathalie Vallespin, STM32 Connectivity product line manager at STMicroelectronics, highlighted the commitment to making Matter development effortless for all device makers. She emphasized STMicroelectronics’ leading position in the general-purpose microcontrollers sector and its deep understanding of secure elements, which are pivotal in creating unique collaborations like the one with CommScope. This partnership is set to accelerate the adoption of Matter development through a secure and simplified process for credential provisioning.

Bart Giordano, President of Networking, Intelligent Cellular, and Security Solutions at CommScope, pointed out that the integration of the CommScope Sentry PKIWorks platform with STMicroelectronics’ popular MCU platform offers customers a comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges of adopting Matter. He stressed that the collaboration between CommScope and ST, both leaders in their respective fields, is instrumental in meeting the increasing demand for new Matter IoT devices.

The PKIWorks platform is a highly secure and flexible credential provisioning and management platform, now optimized for creating and managing Matter device credentials. This development is a significant step forward for manufacturers of IoT devices, enabling them to provide both security and interoperability within the expanding Matter ecosystem. The platform excels in generating a vast quantity of device credentials annually and is designed to scale up for future expansion. It leverages CommScope’s expertise in provisioning clients for device credential installation on resource-constrained IoT devices.

Matter, the new unifying smart home standard, fosters interoperability and security among smart home devices. Launched in October 2022, its specifications and certification programs are the culmination of collaboration among over 600 technology companies under the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Matter aims to make smart home devices interoperable, standardizing security across suppliers and IoT ecosystems.

Key features of the PKIWorks platform include generating over 30 billion device credentials annually, supporting a broad spectrum of IoT manufacturers and service providers, and encompassing both factory settings and over-the-air provisioning. The integration of the PKIWorks Provisioning Client with the STM32WB55 microcontroller, specifically designed for Matter devices, enables Matter Commissioning without additional integration effort from device makers.

This groundbreaking collaboration between CommScope and STMicroelectronics marks a significant stride in enhancing IoT security. It simplifies product development for device manufacturers, streamlines device credential provisioning, and accelerates time-to-market, thus promoting a secure and interconnected IoT ecosystem.

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