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Build your own adorable, talking WALL-E robot

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Although film history is filled with cute robots, they are not as popular as we would like. Charming than WALL-E. He should not be able to express his emotions through body language. WALL-E, like Baby Yoda was a fan-favorite instantly and a multitude of others. To honor him, toys were created. Kevr102 offers an Instructables tutorial on how to make that toy come to life using an Arduino.

You will need to have a project manager in order to complete the project as Kevr102 explains. Specific 7-inch tall plastic WALLE toy. This toy is equipped with motors. Tracks, arm movement and head movement. That will help you save money. You will save yourself the time and effort of 3D printing and mechanical design. You will, however. To make them more manageable, replace all motors. You should replace all of the motors. You will require two 360-degree servomotors and three heavy duty motors. Two micro servo motors.

These motors can be controlled with an Arduino Nano. Through a servo shield. This is the exciting part of this build. Your WALL-E robot responds to voice commands and works thanks to an EasyVR3 voice recognition module. This module allows you to play sounds. So WALL-E can emit his trademark sound effects and modulated vocal voice. Kevr102 explains the process of setting up custom voice commands and sounds You can adjust the effects to your liking.

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