NewsBuck regulators series ISL850XX from Intersil Renesas Electronics

Buck regulators series ISL850XX from Intersil Renesas Electronics

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The new Buck ISL850XX Series has been introduced. They are asynchronous Buck regulators for powering FPGAs, microprocessors, or interfaces with a voltage rating of 0.6 V. The newest models in the family are ISL85009, ISL95005A, ISL95005, ISL85014 and ISL85012. Buck regulators are capable of delivering a current of 5 to 14 A.

Buck regulators

The latest asynchronous Buck regulators are supplied with a voltage of 3.8 to 18 V DC. Designers also thought of facilitating those who design the circuit on these regulators. The ISL850 series is compatible with pin assignments and thus facilitates system changes. They are built on the basis of MOSFETs, so the number of components that have to be used in the system is reduced. The system is protected against overload and reverse current.

The housing of the Buck regulator is 12mm2. These are models of the DFN 12 and TQFN 15 type enclosures. The systems are not equipped with heat sinks due to their small power losses. This was achieved by using a low RDS(on) resistance on MOSFETs. For power supply design, the manufacturer recommends Power Compass software that selects components and suggests design solutions for the ISL850XX family.

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