NewsBourns Unveils PEC11J Series Encoder as Drop-In Replacement for ALPS EC11J Series

Bourns Unveils PEC11J Series Encoder as Drop-In Replacement for ALPS EC11J Series

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Bourns, Inc. is a well-recognized manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, and recently introduced their PEC11J series encoder as an drop-in replacement for ALPS Model EC11J series, now discontinued. This reliable Bourns(r) PEC11S series variant allows customers to seamlessly support existing applications without making mechanical or electrical layout changes; testing should still be conducted however to ensure compatibility with individual customer applications; samples are available upon request to facilitate such evaluation and testing.

Bourns(r) Model PEC11J Series encoders offer an attractive combination of features and specifications, making them highly desirable solutions for many applications. Boasting IP 40 protection rating, 100,000 rotational cycle life rating, operating temperature range from -10 degC to +70 degC operating temperature range, rugged surface mount design further adds durability.

PEC11J Series encoders stand out with their optional momentary switch function, offering improved flexibility and usability for diverse environments and application-specific needs. Customizable with standard or high actuation force options, this unique capability enables seamless adaptation to specific application-specific requirements and environments – opening up many potential uses such as professional audio equipment/lighting consoles/white goods/low to medium risk medical/diagnostic equipment/test and measurement equipment and industrial automation control applications.

Bourns’ Model PEC11J Series marks its ongoing commitment to offering advanced and reliable products that meet the evolving demands of next-generation applications. Boasting enhanced features and high reliability operation, this offering provides designers with tools necessary to overcome challenges and implement creative solutions.

Bourns continues to expand their product offering with improved products like the PEC11J Series encoder – a testament to Bourns’ commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that integrate advanced technologies. Offering drop-in replacement solutions with excellent performance and compatibility, Bourns cements itself as a go-to partner when customers require reliable electronic components.

Designers and engineers searching for an alternative to ALPS Model EC11J Series encoders may now explore the Bourns(r) PEC11J Series encoder as they search for reliable replacements. With its robust construction, versatile features, and wide compatibility it could become the go-to option across industries. And thanks to Bourns’ commitment to innovation they can expect even more enhanced products in the future that meet changing market requirements to help create innovative solutions.

Optional momentary switch function.

Bourns(r) Model PEC11J Series encoders offer the “optional momentary switch function”, providing it with the capability of acting as an additional momentary switch function in addition to its rotary encoding function. Pressing or activating this momentary switch function enables additional functionality or user interaction across applications; its actuation force capabilities may require either standard or high levels of force depending on individual application needs.

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