NewsAtreyo AG-702: An Innovative Industrial OpenWrt Gateway

Atreyo AG-702: An Innovative Industrial OpenWrt Gateway

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The industrial OpenWrt gateway, Atreyo AG-702, is an advanced device powered by the MT7628 processor. This gateway is designed for high-performance industrial applications, featuring dual Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, in addition to a built-in LTE and GNSS modem that supports dual SIM cards.

Detailed Specifications of Atreyo AG-702

The Atreyo AG-702 is equipped with isolated RS485 and RS232 interfaces, two digital isolated inputs, one relay output, and a USB host port. This USB host port can be utilized to connect a flash drive or USB converters to various other interfaces. Encased in an anodized aluminum enclosure, the AG-702 supports a broad 14-60V DC input range, making it highly suitable for industrial environments.

The MediaTek MT7628 MIPS processor powers the AG-702 at 580MHz. It possesses a system memory of 256MB and storage of 32MB eMMC flash. Additionally, it has a 512MB NAND flash with ExtRoot support. The AG-702 also facilitates Networking 100Mbps Ethernet WAN port and 100Mbps Ethernet LAN port.

Unique Features of Atreyo AG-702

The device runs on OpenWrt 23.05 with the Atreyo Environment V1.01b and Linux kernel 5.15.71. The default firmware offers diverse features such as VPN (OpenVPN, WireGuard, etc.), ModBus (TCP slave, TCP master, RTU master, RTU gateway), and remote management through a Web UI, SSH, SNMP, MQTT(s), and more. Atreyo also provides an SDK that allows users to develop their own applications for the gateway. Comprehensive information about the hardware and software can be obtained from the documentation website.

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