NewsArm debuts powerhouse Cortex-M processor

Arm debuts powerhouse Cortex-M processor

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Arm’s Cortex M85 processor is the top-performing and secure Cortex-M available and features higher-quality machine learning and increased security. It is expanding Arm Virtual Hardware to include more platforms, including devices from third parties that will enable the IoT and embedded development process easier to access.

Based on the Armv8 M architecture the Cortex M85 offers an upgrade path that is natural for applications running Armv8-M that require greater performance and enhanced security. It comes with the 30% scalar speed improvement over the Cortex M7 and makes use of the Arm’s Helium Vector Extension technology in order to enable the endpoint’s machine learning as well as DSP tasks. It provides more than 6 CoreMarks/MHz and over 3 DMIPS/MHz, allowing for the most extreme use cases to be executed using one processor.

Alongside the enhanced security capabilities of TrustZone for Armv8-M, Cortex-M85 also provides pointer authentication as well as the identification of branch targets (PACBTI). The PACBTI extension was created to prevent the risk of return-oriented programming (ROP) and jump-oriented programming (ROP) security exploits. It also assists developers in achieving PSA Certified Level 2 security.

The Cortex-M85 is currently available for licensing and is accessible immediately by way of Arm Virtual Hardware in the cloud as part of Arm Total Solutions for IoT.

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