NewsArduino Cloud extends ESP32 support to S2/S3/C3 devices

Arduino Cloud extends ESP32 support to S2/S3/C3 devices

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Arduino Cloud is the Arduino’s integrated platform that allows you to create and deploy IoT devices in a simple method. It is compatible with a variety of hardware that includes not only Arduino boards, but as well ESP32 and ESP8266-based devices. Arduino is dedicated to helping the list of supported devices expand and, as the result of this effort the ESP32-S2, S3, and C3 families of chipsets were included in the collection of devices supported by Arduino.

One Cloud platform that will take over the world

Like similar to Arduino’s hardware ESP32 models are amongst the popular processors within the IoT world because of their cost-effectiveness, their integration , and performance. Both of these platforms are now the standard of choice for developers and hobbyists who are looking to build their own small appliances for home use, but they’ve also gained popularity in other professional and industrial areas. It’s easy to start with these platforms!

Additionally you can also make use of the identical Arduino software for programming Arduino as well as ESP32 boards. In fact, you can reuse your sketches and code!

What if I wanted to take it one step further and control the devices from afar? This is what Arduino Cloud was made to do. It’s an open platform online that allows youto:

  • to build your software online using the Web Editor and save your designs on the cloud
  • to manage and deploy your devices using to deploy and manage your devices using IoT Cloud that permits to create custom dashboards that will be accessed remotely via your mobile device or from your browser app.

All this using an integrated platform that is unique and utilizing the extensive assortment of Arduino’s libraries. tutorials and examples that allow developers to be productive with minimal effort.

Three brand new ESP32 versions are now that are supported by Arduino Cloud

The three brand new ESP32 platforms now available to Arduino Cloud are the popular ESP32-S2, S3, and C3.

The ESP32 is a fully integrated, low-power single-core WiFi microcontroller SoC made to be secure and economical, offering superior performance and an extensive array of IO capabilities.

The ESP32-S3 is an dual-core XTensa LX7 MCU that is capable of operating at speeds of 240 Mhz. Apart from the internal SRAM of 512 KB and a host of other features, it has an integrated 2.4 1GHz of frequency, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 5 (LE) connectivity that offers long-range support. It features 45 programmable GPIOs as well as many peripherals. The ESP32-S3 can support larger, faster Octal SPI flash memory, as well as PSRAM that can be configured to store instructions and data cache.

The ESP32 is a budget-friendly MCU that has WiFi and Bluetooth 5 (LE) connectivity to secure IoT applications.

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