NewsAn I2C Extender Built for Perfect PixHawk Compatibility

An I2C Extender Built for Perfect PixHawk Compatibility

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One of the few issues one might have about this Pixhawk drone is the issue with the running of extended-length I2C cables. It’s not just that creating a cable extension generally involve some naughty cable-making, but the majority of drones have JST connectors for structural stability. If you choose to construct that cable however, the EMF signature drone motors generate can affect the integrity of your signal. To address this issue it is the TFI2CEXT module will provide a simple solution to a difficult situation.

One of the biggest advantages for this particular board the easy hookup. It has an JST-GH connector on both ends, which is compatible with the PixHawk connector standard. The board also comes with power and
“ready” status LED indicators as well as the extender’s ability to reset the device in case there are any issues that arise during flight. Furthermore, the routing of this board is constructed in a manner to allow for nesting of other I2C devices, if you’ve installed cabling in the board. The other documentation, which includes the PCB layout, as well as the specific dimension of the device are available from the Github page!

This I2C module was brought into our store by ThunderFly which is a Czech-based drone maker. They offer a variety of other drone accessories such as the Air Speed Sensor and this IR and Magentic Probe, in case you’re looking to purchase the right sensors to use with your brand-new I2C extender! Go to their site and discover the many drone-related accessories they provide.

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