NewsAdafruit Unveils MEMENTO ESP32 Camera Module: A Fusion of Advanced Technology and...

Adafruit Unveils MEMENTO ESP32 Camera Module: A Fusion of Advanced Technology and User-Friendly Design

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Introduction to Adafruit’s MEMENTO ESP32 Camera Module

Adafruit has launched the MEMENTO – Bare Board Camera module, an innovative device powered by the ESP32-S3, capable of being programmed with CircuitPython or Arduino. This cutting-edge module features a camera equipped with an OV5640 sensor, renowned for its auto-focus capabilities. Additionally, the board includes a 1.54″ 240×240 color TFT to vividly display images.

Background on ESP32-Based Camera Modules

The ESP32-based camera modules, such as the TinyML-CAM, Arduino Nicla Vision, and TTGO T-Camera, have been prominent in the tech world. Many of these modules also utilize the OV5640 sensor, a popular choice for its efficiency and quality.

Detailed Features and Specifications

  • Processing and Connectivity: The ESP32-S3 Module features a Dual-core 240MHz Tensilica processor, 8 MB Flash, 2 MB PSRAM, along with WiFi and BTLE capabilities.
  • Camera and Display: The OV5640 Camera Module has a 5MP sensor with a 72-degree view, autofocus, JPEG encoder, and is paired with a 1.54″ Color TFT Display with 240×240 resolution.
  • Storage: The module includes a MicroSD card slot for additional storage capacity.
  • Ports and Expansion: It features two digital/analog Stemma ports and an I2C Stemma QT Port for sensor connections.
  • Sensors and Input: The module is equipped with a LIS3DH 3-axis accelerometer, user buttons, an analog microphone, a shutter button, and a reset button.
  • Power Management: It supports LiPoly Battery charging and includes an On/Off Switch for efficient power management.
  • Programming and Debugging: The module provides a USB Type C port for programming and charging, along with breakout pads for hardware UART debugging.
  • Physical Specifications: The dimensions of the module are 63.6mm x 63.3mm x 13.0mm, with a weight of 29.0 grams and 4x M3 standoffs for mounting.

Innovative Camera Capabilities

The OV5640 sensor is a 5MP camera with a built-in JPEG encoder, offering a 72-degree field of view and an auto-focus motor. The module employs Adafruit’s PyCamera code, enabling direct saving of photos to an SD card. The device also supports various camera modes, including black and white, color, solarized, JPEG, and GIF, along with a unique stop-motion mode.

Programming Support and Advantages

Adafruit’s MEMENTO ESP32 Camera Module supports both Arduino and CircuitPython, with code examples available on GitHub. CircuitPython is recommended for its rapid development capabilities and ease of use, particularly with Adafruit’s supporting library.

Impact on the Camera Module Market

With its array of features and user-friendly design, the MEMENTO ESP32 Camera Module is set to make a significant impact in the camera module market. It stands out for its versatile programming options, advanced camera capabilities, and efficient power management, making it a top choice for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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