NewsABB Introduces First Rectifier Specifically Designed for Medical Applications

ABB Introduces First Rectifier Specifically Designed for Medical Applications

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In the clinical gadget space, safety and security and also dependability are extremely important. Utilizing power products that meet the industry’s rigorous standards is one of the core ways to assist make certain these needs are satisfied. Helping to satisfy this demand, ABB Power Conversion has introduced its brand-new MPE2000AC48_200AC24 (MPE2000) rectifier, which has actually been created especially with medical applications in mind.

The brand-new 2,000-watt (W), -48 volt (V) clinical rectifier adheres to numerous sector standards such as EN60601-1, IEC 60601-1, ES 60601-1, as well as CAN/CSA-C 22.2 No. 60601-1:14. It features a high degree of seclusion from human touch to help decrease risk in medical settings, making it well-suited for use in pulsed-laser medical devices consisting of, but not limited to, cardiovascular as well as orthopedic treatments along with basic clinical as well as lab use.

The MPE2000 power supply is fan-cooled, developed for stand-alone usage, as well as can attain a peak performance of up to 93.5%. It can charge a result capacitive load of approximately 18,000 uf with constant current and monotonic voltage rise to 48V throughout charge times. Furthermore, the brand-new medical rectifier has an integrated 24V, 100W housekeeping circuit and a 5V standby voltage at 0.25 W.

The rectifier likewise fulfills the extensive transient feedback needs of demanding, hefty pulse-load applications such as clinical lasers. It includes an universal input, a vast operating temperature level variety of -20 to 70 C, as well as an 11-inch (L) by 5-inch (W) by 5-inch (H) kind aspect.

“Powering medical lasers presents a few critical challenges that must be overcome to help ensure reliable, efficient, and safe operation,” said Gopal Mitra, industrial segment leader, ABB Power Conversion. “First, there is the safety aspect. Many of these devices are in relatively close proximity to patients and operators, so power must be sufficiently isolated from personnel. Second, pulse load applications like this can put significant stress on a power supply – cycling on and off thousands of times per second – making power reliability and quality vital. There is also the trend of these devices requiring more power in existing or smaller footprints. We’ve taken all of the factors into account when designing our new MPE2000 rectifier to help ensure our customers’ power needs and challenges are met and addressed.”

Additional features of the new MPE2000AC48_200AC24 include:

  • Low leakage current rating of 300 uARMS.
  • Class B EMI performance.
  • PMBus* communication protocol.
  • Mounting holes for panel mounting.
  • Direct wire screw terminal connections.
  • Shock and vibration performance in line with IPC-9592B, making the power supply suitable for mobile cart applications.
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