NewsA flurry of Arduino Cloud updates spell sunshine for makers

A flurry of Arduino Cloud updates spell sunshine for makers

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Arduino Cloud updates are like buses! They’re all there in one go. It’s even more thrilling when we get to share with you the latest innovations taking place in Arduino’s amazing SaaS system. Let’s get right in there and look at filters, tags blinks, galleries, and tags.

Tag your items to the IoT Cloud

A Thing within Arduino Cloud can be described as a multi-purpose entity. It’s easy to design and create they’re easy to forget everything that a Thing can offer to your project. If you’re as me, then you’re always developing new Things for your projects and functions, prototypes, tests and, sometimes, just for the sake of creating it.

This means that your Cloud account could quickly get a bit overwhelmed by this virtual device. This is where tags can come in to help.

Tags form the basis of the introduction of metadata to your objects. You can add any number of tags to an Thing as you’d like and each tag will be given an custom value. In the example below we’ve added a “Location” tag, demonstrating how you can filter several solutions that have been implemented across different locations. The Things are assigned the tag “Location” and assigned values based on the location they’re in; New York and Rome for example.

You are now able to alter the columns of the Things page to display your custom tags. You can then filter the list with the search function, in accordance with any of these metadata requirements.

It’s a tiny function that runs in the background, yet offers some vital functions. Particularly if you’re an avid maker!

Search Filters in Cloud Things

Tags have introduced a brand new method to sort your Things according to the custom metadata. This has proven very useful, so the team has expanded the idea to enhance the ways you sort and search your items.

As you’ll see in the following example there are more than only tags that you can use to help narrow down your list. Of course, you can look up a name in case you’re looking for something specific. searching for.

However, how do you filter by type of board? It is a great way to determine what devices are being used by the devices. If a column is shown you can alter your view so that you can see precisely what you require.

Search has become extremely effective with Arduino Cloud thanks to this new feature to filter. After testing it , and I’d love to see that this option was available in the majority ofsearch engines!

No-Code Cloud Blink Template

We did introduce templates some time ago, with a focus upon specifically the Opla IoT Kit. Since then, we’ve been working to expand Arduino Cloud’s template engine, which means you can import a complete project with just few clicks and then get them up and running without coding.

To get things started with these new templates that are broader (which are compatible with a wide range of boards, not just those that use the Opla Kit) we’ve gone right back to the basics!

This brand new template demonstrates how to create an LED blink as it did in early UNO demonstrations, but this time, it’s wireless and through the Cloud. This is a great way to learn how to wrap your brain about Wireless control as well as IoT Cloud projects. After you’ve tried Cloud Blink, you’ll be full of inspiration to create even more ambitious projects. Go through it.

Dashboard Gallery

So, we make many things using Arduino Cloud. We also design numerous dashboards. You can create and publish as many as you’d like and share the dashboards with other users.

To allow you to add some personalization to your selection of dashboards, we’ve created gallery options for Arduino Remote, the company’s Arduino Remote official Arduino Remote IoT app (on iOS and Android). You can include cover images on your dashboards, making it simpler to find the dashboard you want.

The whole screen look more appealing, clearly. Make sure to update the app in case you have it, to avail this new feature or download it to you iOS as well as Android device.

Arduino Cloud updates dashboard gallery
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