NewsThis smart lock uses voice recognition to control access

This smart lock uses voice recognition to control access

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Smart locks are a efficient way of securing your home, and they can have their connectivity options augmented by connecting with one of the IoT home assistant like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Jithin Sanal’s work makes use of Amazon’s Alexa ability to automate the installation of the custom door lock without the requirement for Bluetooth or fingerprint. It’s based on a Nano RP2040 Connect, and because of its onboard connectivity suite, it can communicate to it’s Arduino Cloud. Apart from it being a Nano, Sanal designed a basic PCB that has pads for a buzzer, a voltage regulator, and a variety of LEDs to monitor the current state of the circuit. It also has the relay that connects power to a solenoid that serves as a deadbolt whenever the power source is applied.

After receiving the PCB in its entirety and soldering the components onto the board, Sanal began writing code that he used to build his. In simple terms it is that Arduino Cloud is Arduino Cloud project contains a single variable to set what the key’s value is. If this is changed it is a procedure called in the firmware which sets the solenoid in this new value and then makes some beeps through the buzzer. The last step was to connect the Arduino Alexa capability to IoT devices. IoT device, thereby letting users set the lock to be an IoT device.

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