NewsWhat is SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 Error? How to Fix It?

What is SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 Error? How to Fix It?

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You have bought yourself a brand new Smartphone. After putting in the SIM from your old phone onto the new phone You are thrilled to call your relatives and friends. Then you realize that the phone is not working. The phone displays an error that says SIM Not Provisioned MM#2.

It isn’t able to call or access mobile data. While it’s frustrating it is, this SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error is fairly common and is fixable.

In this guide to troubleshooting, we will learn what mean by the SIM not provisioned error actually mean. We will also learn the way to fix this error by following a few easy steps.

What Does SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 Error Mean?

If I use the term”Significant Identity Module,” you may not know the word. However, if I mention SIM Card, then you recognize it as the tiny item that is put into the phones of our smartphones to call.

Modern GSM, LTE, or any other cellular phones require an SIM card for connection to a mobile network. It could be physically-based or an e-SIM which comes with the handset.

It is the SIM Card contains all the essential information, including the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) Number PIN, PIN as well as network-specific information.

After you have properly inserted the SIM card, and it is registered with the service provider, you are able to make phone calls or use data.

In addition to the necessary details In addition to the basic information, it also contains some other information. SIM Card also contains some contacts (we refer to them as SIM Contacts) texts, contacts as well as other data.

It is obvious it is evident that SIM Card is an important element of the modern mobile phones. It can be very annoying when there is a problem with your SIM Card because you are unable to make calls.

One of the most frequent errors could be SIM Not Provisioned MM #2. What is it exactly?

This error happens when you connect the SIM Card into your new phone. There are instances where this error occurs when you use new SIM Cards.

The reason you are experiencing this error is that your SIM Card is not yet activated by the network provider or has been temporarily suspended. In particular, the reason you cannot activate your SIM is is not allowed by the provider to use it on the new phone.

The other possible causes to blame this error on are:

  • Damage to physical damage on the SIM Card
  • Incorrect positioning in the SIM Card inside the phone
  • Network issues with your service provider or provider (problem with the server)

How to Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 Error?

If you are confronted with this error If you encounter this error, then you must “provision” the SIM with the new device so that the carrier is able to activate it. But how do you do it? What can you do to solve this SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error? Let’s see how today.

Wait for Some Time

If you get an SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error as soon as you insert your SIM Card, then we recommend waiting an extended period of time. The activation process is completely automatic and will take no more than one or two hours.

However, if there’s any issue with the server of the carrier the process could take some time. So, give it some time to see whether the error is gone.

Restart Your Phone

This is likely to be one of the most popular solutions for a variety of phone-related issues. Switch off your phone. Wait for 30 seconds. Then , restart the phone. A number of users have said that a simple restart resolved problem with the SIM Not Provisioned error.

It’s likely that this approach may work for a large majority of users. If it didn’t work for you, continue reading to find alternative solutions.

Take Out the SIM Card and Re-Insert It

If you didn’t insert your SIM Card properly or if there’s a problem with the slotting in the slot of the SIM Card in the slot it is a chance of getting an error.

Utilizing an SIM pin to eject, pull your SIM Card out, wipe it clean using a microfiber cloth, then re-insert it.

In addition, you are able to the phone after inserting your SIM card.

Check for Physical Damages to the SIM Card

When you take your SIM Card out, check it for physical damage, scratches, or marks. If you find any scratches, cracks or other damage, you need to replace the SIM card.

Use Airplane Mode

It is an important feature that is available on all phones. When you turn on Airplane mode it disables RF Transceivers that connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular networks. This means you can’t access the internet provider’s network service, Wi-Fi router, or a Bluetooth headset.

This is a straightforward method to turn off all wireless activities of the Phone while keeping it on.

Try turning to your Airplane mode, and then wait 30 seconds to one minute, then turn it off. Even though this SIM Not Provisioned error is most likely caused by an incompatible SIM Card, there is no harm using this method.

Modern smartphones come with pull-down settings for quick and easy access. The Airplane mode can be found available here. You can also visit Settings and Connections to see Airplane mode.

Check if Your SIM Card is Activated or Not

Certain carriers, like AT&T will display an SIM not provisioned error #2 if the SIM card isn’t activated.

Although it is an automatic process it is possible that the user will require manual activation.

There are many ways to achieve this. Go to the site of the carrier and search for device activation. Since our issue is was with a SIM cards only you must select your SIM Card only option.

Another method of activating your SIM card is to dial the number which is composed of special characters and numbers (*, #).

You can contact the customer service of your provider from a different working phone to request them to allow you to activate the SIM Card.

It’s also dependent upon the provider. Therefore, consult your carrier about how to activate your SIM card.

Place the SIM Card in a different Phone

If you notice the error on your new phone, you can remove your SIM card and then insert it into a different phone. This will tell you if the issue is related to the SIM card or with the handset itself.

A defective SIM won’t work on the other device either. In this situation it is a problem due to the SIM card.

If there’s no issue and you are able to make calls from the other phone, is a reason to be concerned since the issue may be with your brand new smartphone but the odds of this happening are low to none.

Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider

If none of these methods failed, you need to reach out to the customer service of the network provider you use. They will help you understand the cause of the issue.

There is also information about the cause of the error. If the issue is related to their server, you will have the option of waiting for a certain period of time. Most of the time, they can solve the issue within the timeframe.

If there’s no problem with the server, they’ll help you with the steps to troubleshoot as well as other options.

Replace the SIM Card with a New One

The final option is to get rid of your SIM card and obtain another. You can contact the customer service of the network provider you use or go to the nearest store to obtain an alternative SIM Card.

A licensed store will be able to cancel that old SIM and will add a fresh SIM number to your existing account.


One of the problems that is common when using new smartphones as well as SIM Cards is that you receive an error message that says SIM Not Provisioned when it is time to insert your SIM Card.

It’s a bit painful to receive this error message since you are unable to make calls using your new, fancy smartphone. The reason for this issue is an activation issue in which your carrier hasn’t activated your SIM card in order to make use of it on the new phone.

In this article we discussed the possibility of this SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error. We also discussed simple solutions to troubleshoot this issue.

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