NewsUpdate your ESP32 boards over-the-air (OTA) with Arduino Cloud

Update your ESP32 boards over-the-air (OTA) with Arduino Cloud

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Arduino Cloud is the Arduino’s integrated platform for developing deploy, monitor and manage IoT devices without much effort. It allows users, IoT enthusiasts and professionals to create easily connected projects that are built on a variety of hardware. This includes not just Arduino boards but also ESP32 as well as the ESP8266 boards. Arduino is dedicated to making all Arduino Cloud features available to any hardware supported and, as a result of this initiative, ESP32 family of chipsets now supports over-the air (OTA) update.

The Cloud for Makers

Due to their cost-effectiveness and integration, as well as their high performance The ESP32-based devices make up the majority of the commonly used by hobbyists as well as developers who are looking to build their own small appliances for home use.

One of the factors that have led to its popularity is the capability to use an Arduino IDE to code and program the devices. There are a lot of guides on the steps to take to start. There are a myriad of projects that can encourage you to come up with your ideas. You can use the code and sketches , even in the event that they were originally designed for different ESP32 as well as Arduino boards. It’s easy to start!

But what if you’d like to take it a step further and connect to the devices from a distance? This is the purpose of Arduino Cloud. to do. It’s an online platform that allows you to

  • to create your software online using the no-touch Web Editor, keep your drawings in the cloud, and make them available to other users
  • to manage and deploy your devices by using to manage and deploy your devices using the IoT Cloud and your custom dashboards, which you can access via your web browser remotely or via the mobile app Arduino IoT Remote

All this with an integrated platform that is unique and benefiting from the extensive library of Arduino’s libraries, tutorials and examples that allow developers to be productive with minimal effort.

No more cables The update is available over the air.

However, programming devices can be tedious. You must be near the device and connect it with a USB cable. This is fine initially when you program the device , however it’s a nightmare when the device is placed in an area that has limited accessibility. In these instances you must either take the device out of its location or move the laptop in as close as you can to its place.

This is why over-the air (OTA) can be a game changer. This feature allows you to transfer programs wirelessly to your boards. In this way when you’ve got a compatible device connected to an WiFi network, and set to use OTA it won’t be required to physically connect your board to your computer to upload any new designs to it. Instead, everything will be working through the air.

Over-the-air updates are accessible through both Arduino IoT Cloud and the Arduino Web Editor for the sketches linked with the IoT Cloud things.

OTA for ESP32 is now available

Over-the-air updates are traditionally limited to Arduino boards. This feature is widely accepted by users. This support has now been extended to the ESP32 boards. This brings together all of the features across the top platforms.

There are a variety of ESP32 platforms that come with various processing capabilities and memory sizes. This is an experiment that has been evaluated on the most well-known models, however there may be some limitations for some of the ones that have not been tested. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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