NewsAAEON Announces New EPIC-ADS7-PUC System-Level Solution with 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor...

AAEON Announces New EPIC-ADS7-PUC System-Level Solution with 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor and High-Speed Interfaces for Robotics, IoT, and Smart Healthcare Applications

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AAEON recently unveiled their EPIC-ADS7-PUC model as a single board computer system offering powerful performance and rich features.
This system is powered by Intel(r) Core(tm) processors of the 12th generation and can accommodate up to 65W CPUs. The EPIC-ADS7-PUC combines all the best features found in SBCs; featuring a small 10.2″x6.3″x2.1″ (260mm 160mm 55mm) chassis as well as high-speed interfaces and additional features designed to maximize processing capabilities for applications like robotics, IoT sensors and intelligent healthcare applications.

With up to 8 fast cores and 20 threads delivering hybrid performance, EPIC ADS7-PUC’s 12th Gen Intel(r) Core(tm) processor packs plenty of processing power. Additionally, its four Gracemont efficient cores provide an easy workflow management system for projects which demand both power and efficiency. Intel has introduced a brand-new CPU core design known as Gracemont that will be utilized by some models of their 12th Generation Intel Core processors. These cores have been optimized for power efficiency and greater performance per watt than previous Intel architectures; making them ideal for applications that demand low power consumption but high levels of performance, such as embedded devices, IoT devices or similar applications.

Two DDR5 slots at 4800MHz provide high-speed memory that can support up to six USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, two COM and four LAN ports, as well as camera/sensor connectivity. Furthermore, AAEON believes this EPIC-ADS7 offers an amazing display interface, consisting of HDMI 2.1 as well as two DP 1.4a ports capable of accommodating three simultaneous displays – making this system an excellent option for medical imaging.

Intel(r) Time Coordinated Computing (Intel(r) TCC) further extends the EPIC ADS7-PUC’s processing power and high-speed interfaces, offering significantly reduced latency data transmission while guaranteeing time-critical tasks, such as those used in robotics-related applications, can be executed seamlessly. This feature leverages CPUs to ensure smooth execution.

Lower elevation than other ranges of systems allows it to easily integrate into existing projects with its slim design and multiple interfaces compatible with real-time computation, making it an excellent option for new applications.


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