NewsSTMicroelectronics unveils world’s first MCU Edge-AI Developer Cloud

STMicroelectronics unveils world’s first MCU Edge-AI Developer Cloud

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STMicroelectronics, a leading global semiconductor manufacturer, has announced the launch of the world’s first microcontroller (MCU) Edge-AI developer cloud. This innovative platform is designed to enable developers to quickly and easily develop AI-powered applications that can be deployed at the edge of networks, without the need for cloud connectivity.

The Edge-AI Developer Cloud provides developers with a range of tools and resources, including access to a powerful MCU, a comprehensive software development kit (SDK), and an AI accelerator for running advanced AI algorithms. The platform also features a range of pre-trained models that can be used as a starting point for developing new applications, making it easier and faster to get started with AI development.

One of the key benefits of the Edge-AI Developer Cloud is that it allows developers to create and test their applications locally, without the need for cloud connectivity. This reduces the latency and bandwidth requirements of the system, and enables developers to work with sensitive data in a secure and controlled environment.

The Edge-AI Developer Cloud is based on STMicroelectronics’ latest STM32H7 MCU, which features a powerful Arm Cortex-M7 core and a range of peripherals and interfaces, making it well-suited for a wide range of AI applications. The platform also includes a range of pre-built AI algorithms and libraries, as well as support for popular AI development tools and frameworks.

In conclusion, the launch of the world’s first MCU Edge-AI Developer Cloud from STMicroelectronics is a major milestone in the development of AI-powered edge devices. With its comprehensive range of tools and resources, and its ability to run AI algorithms locally, this platform provides developers with a fast and easy way to create and deploy AI-powered applications at the edge of networks.

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