NewsSTMicroelectronics Unveils High-Performance IGBTs for Enhanced Power Efficiency and Reliability

STMicroelectronics Unveils High-Performance IGBTs for Enhanced Power Efficiency and Reliability

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STMicroelectronics, a global leader in semiconductor solutions, recently unveiled an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) class that can boost both the performance and reliability of power electronics. Boasting an increased breakdown voltage capability of 1350V at 175degC maximum operating temperature setting, these IGBTs will facilitate wide ranging applications thanks to their reliable operation.

STPOWER IH2 series IGBTs with their higher voltage ratings provide multiple benefits. Most notably, these IGBTs give engineers greater design margin and allow for increased safety buffers that improve system robustness. From demanding industrial environments to everyday consumer uses, these IGBTs are engineered for peak performance under any circumstance and ensure extended reliability.

One of the hallmark features of STPOWER IH2 series IGBTs is their remarkable power-conversion efficiency. This can be accomplished via several advantageous parameters, with low saturation voltage being one such characteristic that stands out. When in an active state, Vce(sat) means minimal energy dissipation into heat as heat dissipation = decreased power loss when operating the transistor’s on state = improved energy efficiency.

These IGBTs also boast freewheeling diodes with low voltage drop and optimized turn-off energy, making them particularly ideal for single-switch quasi-resonant converters operating between 16kHz and 60kHz in frequency range. By reducing voltage drop and optimizing turn-off energy, their efficiency receives an exponential boost, leading to energy savings in turn.

IGBTs offer ruggedness and efficiency that makes them ideal for induction heating applications of various kinds, with kitchen hobs, inverter microwave ovens and rice cookers being especially suited to use these IGBT devices effectively. On an impressive 2kW application ST’s innovative IGBT devices have demonstrated their potential by cutting power dissipation by 11%; further proving their remarkable efficiency gains.

Vce(sat) parameter exhibits a positive temperature coefficient, simplifying design process and parallel connection of multiple IGBTs. This feature is particularly beneficial when dealing with high-power applications where precise control and coordination are paramount.

STMicroelectronics’ latest IGBT release marks an impressive step forward for power electronics. Not only does the high-voltage IGBT exceed industry efficiency standards and reliability requirements, it opens up exciting new opportunities for engineers and designers across various industries. As demand for energy efficient solutions increases exponentially, innovations like these stand to have an immense effect on progress made both within power electronics itself as well as beyond it.

What Is Low Dissipation

Low dissipation refers to the minimal amount of energy lost or converted into heat during operation of electronic devices or components. As used here in relation to IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), “low dissipation” means these transistors exhibit minimal levels of energy loss when turned on and conducting current.

Minimizing dissipation in electronic circuits, particularly power electronics, is vital to increasing overall device or system efficiency. If power is lost as heat it represents wasted power that reduces efficiency. IGBTs with low dissipation characteristics are especially advantageous as they help minimize power losses; this feature is especially important in applications requiring energy efficiency such as inverter microwave ovens or induction heating systems such as mentioned herein.

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