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STMicroelectronics reveals single-chip antenna-matching ICs for easier, faster design with Bluetooth® LE SoCs and STM32 wireless microcontrollers

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STMicroelectronics has extended its portfolio of single-chip antenna-matching ICs designed to simplify the design of RF circuits by introducing two new devices that are optimized for BlueNRG-LPS system on-chip circuits (SoCs) as well as STM32WB1x as well as STM32WB5xWireless microcontrollers. The MLPF-NRG-01D3 BlueNRG-LPS device and the MLPF-WB-02D3 designed for STM32WB include the entire filtering and impedance-matching network that is required to achieve the best performance in RF output and receiver sensitivity using External antenna. Each model has 50 nominal impedance on its antenna side.

The chip-scale package features an extremely small footprint. It has a 0.4mm bump pitches, and an overall profile that is 630um after the reflow of soldering. Additionally, it comes with the 2.4GHz low-pass filters, ST’s latest antenna-matching ICs make it easier to comply with global radio regulations, including FCC, ETSI, and ARIB specifications. The circuit components are manufactured using a transparent substrate using ST’s integrated device (IPD) technology that reduces insertion losses and is superior to circuits constructed using discrete components. Integration with the same die guarantees consistent parameters for the components for better quality final product. Additionally ST’s IPDs can speed up the time to market, decrease the cost of materials and bill-of-materials and also reduce the size of circuits.

The BlueNRG, BlueNRG, and BlueNRG-LPS SoCs as well as STM32WB1x, STM32WB feature ST’s energy efficient 2.4GHz radio IP, and include royalty-free protocol stacks, as well as software tools. They assist developers in creating high-end wireless products even without the necessary RF-design experience. They both offer on-chip features including memory communications interfaces, peripherals power regulation, as well as advanced hardware security , including the encryption of memory and memory security along with public key acceleration (PKA).

BlueNRG-LPx SoCs are able to be used as a network processor or standalone applications, and they provide Bluetooth(r) Low Energy 5.3 features like point-to-point as well as mesh communication, advertising extension along with direction finding. The MLPF-NRG-01D3 IPD can be used with all versions, including the BLUENRG-3x5Vx and BLUENRG-3x5A and BLUENRG-332xx that are part of UFQFPN and WLCSP packs. The STM32WB5x and the STM32WB1x MCU have Bluetooth 5.3, Zigbee(r) 3.0 and OpenThread certified and come with the Arm(r) Cortex(r)-M4 central processor that is used for processing applications, with a Cortex-M0+ dedicated to the management of the radio. The MCUs are offered within WLCSP and UFBGA packages which connect directly to the MLPF-WB02D3 IPD. Another IPD is also available for the other MCU variations in UQFN and VQFN packages.

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