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STMicroelectronics and Vittascience launch two new science and digital education kits for students and teachers

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STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) is a leader in global semiconductors providing customers with a wide range of electronic applications, as well as the startup Vittascience, which is a expert in educational tools that blend digital and scientific technology in schools, today revealed two new kits for education based on digital science and technology. After the success with”Connected Plant,” the “Connected Plant” and “Martian Robot” kits that were created in 2021 and 2021, the “Discovery Kit” and the “Connected Measurement Station” complete the learning process of science for children.

For teachers and students in secondary and junior education and secondary education, the educational initiative that aims to stimulate the interest in digital and scientific disciplines among children is based on the creation of educational tools built using STMicroelectronics electronic components, and backed with Vittascience. Vittascience online platform. It offers activities for students in the entire class or for the education community and emphasising active teaching techniques the two new kits complement the tools for teaching that teachers have access to for progressive learning starting with discovery and ending with the application of the most advanced technologies for data storage and processing techniques. Discovery kit It is a kit specifically designed for students who are who are new to programming and electronics. It is based on an STM32 board it allows students to become familiar with the basics of electronics and programming with microcontrollers.

They’ll be able to start their journey as programmers with the help of Vittascience’s Vittascience programming interface, and create their first projects using an Arduino microcontroller as well as other sensors. This tool for education will enable students to create a tangible idea-based activity for the classroom. A connected measurement station permits the creation of a multi-activity measuring station that includes ST sensors. It comes with the ability to connect, using LoRa(r) technology which permits the storage of the data on an isolated space for the analysis later. This gives students the option of storing their data in real-time using a dedicated server as well as to monitor remotely the development of the data. Every kit comes with a collection of instructional materials that are written that simplify the technical and pedagogical execution of the curriculum for teachers. The kits are programmed through the online interface for free of Vittascience with blocks or Python language, but also using the existing C libraries as well as the ST tools that are available on its website. To enable the international use of the kits The interface and related pedagogical materials are available for all four kits with the kits available in French, English and Italian and for the discovery kit, also in Arabic.

STMicroelectronics and Vittascience presented the educational kits at Sido 2022 in Paris. The educational initiative was aided by IPCEI (Important Initiative of Common European Interest) on microelectronics. Its goal is to offer the most the most advanced European microelectronics technologies such as circuits, systems and circuits for a stable and autonomous industry that is able to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. To learn more about the interface and how to use the programmable board: and

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