NewsSolve Steam Deck Cooling Issues With This Extreme Solution

Solve Steam Deck Cooling Issues With This Extreme Solution

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The Valve Steam Deck is a fantastic piece of hardware. But, as with all modern computer systems, it generates heat. And because it’s in an enclosed, compact form factor the heat doesn’t always disappear from the deck as quickly as it could. Although there are a number of ways you can try to alleviate this issue If you’d like to get rid of the issue (hopefully) one and for all then it’s the CoolDeck made by Low Budget is a fantastically extreme solution.

The CoolDeck is an aluminum plate precision-machined which is bolted onto the Steam Deck and replaces the original EMI shield. The new plate can install an M.2 form factor heat sink as well as a fan that allows it to disperse heat away from your laptop computer. It is attached onto the CoolDeck plate with thermal epoxy and is required for its effective usage.

What makes this add-on difficult or exciting is that to install it , you’ll need to make a hole in the cover of the back, thereby making your warranty null and void. The result is a clearly modified gadget with an unintentional heat sink sticking out from the back, similar to an automobile with a huge blower sticking out of the car’s hood. However this modification is an excellent conversation piece, and covers for replacement are available should you want to return to the original appearance.

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