Newsonsemi and Ride Vision Collaborate to Offer Advanced Safety Solutions for Motorcyclists

onsemi and Ride Vision Collaborate to Offer Advanced Safety Solutions for Motorcyclists

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Onsemi, a global leader in intelligent power- and sensing technologies, announced today its partnership with Israel’s Rider Vision to develop advanced safety solutions for motorcyclists. Ride Vision’s industry-leading Collision Aversion Technology ™ for motorcycles uses machine vision with artificial intelligence (AI). It is based on high dynamic range data collected by AR0147AT automotive grade image sensors from onsemi. CAT warns riders about imminent dangers, helping to avoid accidents and saving lives.

Each system uses two cameras equipped with AR0147AT image sensors, which are mounted at the rear and front of the bike. These cameras take high-quality images and send them to an onboard processing unit. This unit uses Ride Vision’s unique algorithms for two and three-wheeled vehicles. It provides riders with 360-degree, unobtrusive collision alerts.

Uri Lavi (CEO and cofounder of Ride Vision) stated that the collaboration would improve safety for all riders on the roads. We can offer motorcyclists maximum safety by combining onsemi’s high-dynamic range sensor families with our technology.

Modern driver assistance systems (ADAS), which have been in cars for decades, have been regulated by various regulatory bodies all over the globe to enforce safety-orientated technologies that are designed to reduce fatalities. These rules are not applicable to motorcycle riders, who experience more fatalities than motorists each year.

Chris Adams, vice-president and general manager of the Automotive Sensing Division at onsemi, stated that riders and motorcycles share the same traffic and weather conditions as motorists but have not been able use the same safety mechanisms to protect them. Ride Vision’s work on this innovative safety solution will change that. Motorcycles now have the same high-performance and high-dynamic range image sensors as passenger cars. Vision Zero is about keeping all road users safe.

Rider Vision users can set the alert level they wish to receive via a personal app. They also have access to three-hour continuous loop videos of all their rides that can be used both for insurance purposes and for leisure. Ride Vision is the only commercial Advanced Rider Assistance System, (ARAS), that is designed for two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles. It is making waves in select markets around the globe, including Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

The AR0147AT sensor is part of onsemi’s Hayabusa sensor range that features scalable resolution, high-dynamic range and LED flicker mitigation (LFM). It is currently in volume production.

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