LTSpice tutorial – Voltage Divider circuit

  1. Place two resistors in draft sheet. You can choose resistor element from interface or click R on keyboard.

ltspice voltage divider


2. Second component is voltage source which could be added by “Component” button.

ltspice voltage divider3. Last two elements that needed are grounds.

itspice voltage divider ground

4. Next step is to connect the elements by “Wire” option. You can go through all added elements. The connection to pins will be made automatically.

ltspice wire

5. Click right click on Voltage Source element and add 10 volts as the value for this element.

ltspice voltage source

6. Edit resistor values to 10k and 20k ohms by click right mouse click for each resistor.

7. In this step We will start simulation. To run simulation setting click “Running guy” button from interface. In the simulation settings We will set only Stop Time to stop the simulation after 2s.

ltspice simulation

8. In simulation We can click left mouse button on the wire where We want to measure voltage values. After that action, the diagram will show the characteristics of this measurement pin. By click second time in the place between resistor We will add second measurement pin. Also there is possibility to delete some traces that We already add. Click by right mouse button to delete the added traces.

9. To measure the current that is flowing through resistor, click left mouse button on the resistor element.

ltspice voltage divider current

10. There is possibility to add custom net labels which allow us to connect in every point that We want and analyze it using simulation. To do this We need to click Net button from interface, add this on circuit and connect pin with circuit. Also after this modifications there is requirement to re simulate circuit.

ltspice voltage divider net label