We are introducing LTSpice tutorial on our website 911electronic.com. This tutorial will be growing in time to introduce most crucial elements from LTSpice functionality. We will introduce some tips and tricks that are helpfull during circuit design and simulation.

LTSpice description

LTspice is a SPICE-established analog digital circuit simulation pc applications, made by semiconductor maker Analog Devices (initially by Linear Technology). It’s the most widely distributed and utilized SPICE applications in the business. Though It’s freeware, LTspice Isn’t artificially restricted to restrict its own capacities (no node limitations, no part limitations, no subcircuit limitations )

LTspice offers schematic capture to input an electronic schematic to an digital circuit, a improved SPICE kind analog digital circuit simulation , and a waveform viewer to reveal that the outcomes of the simulationgame. Circuit simulation evaluation based on passing, sound, AC, DC, DC Transfer feature, DC working point could be achieved and plotted in addition to fourier analysis. Heat dissipation of elements can be computed and efficacy reports may also be produced. [citation wanted ] It’s improvements and technical versions to speed up the simulation of switched-mode power provides (SMPS) at DC-to-DC converters.

LTspice doesn’t create printed circuit board (PCB) designs, but netlists could be exported into PCB design program. [10] While LTspice does encourage simple logic gate simulator, it isn’t designed particularly for mimicking logic circuits.

It’s used by a number of users in areas such as radio frequency electronic equipment, electricity electronics, sound electronics, electronic electronics, along with other areas.

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LTSpice tutorial – Voltage Divider circuit

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