NewsBosch Ventures into Quantum Sensing: A Leap Forward in Technology

Bosch Ventures into Quantum Sensing: A Leap Forward in Technology

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Quantum technologies have long been considered a pipe dream of the future, yet Bosch is making that dream closer to reality. After 10 years of intense research in quantum technologies, Bosch is readying itself to collaborate with pioneering customers from medical and mobility sectors over the next two years to develop specific applications through Bosch Quantum Sensing — a startup founded at the start of 2022 with over 30 experts dedicated to exploring quantum sensing’s possibilities.

Bosch recognizes the transformative potential of quantum technology for medical and mobility applications, and strives to harness it. The company estimates that by midway through this decade, global market potential for these applications will reach multibillion-dollar levels annually. Quantum sensors show great promise as applications in brain-computer interfaces (BCI), which could reach annual sales exceeding $5 billion over time. One impressive form of this technology involves sensors that record nerve impulses to control artificial limbs – potentially improving quality of life for patients. Dr. Stefan Hartung, Chairman of Bosch board of management, expressed the company’s vision by noting, “Our quantum sensors for medical technology fit seamlessly with our company mission and vision of being “Invented for life”. By the end of this decade, we hope to take an innovative lead with our technology.”

Miniaturization Sets Bosch Apart

One factor that sets Bosch apart in quantum technology is their dedication to miniaturization. Their sensor prototype currently stands out as one of the smallest with regards to measurement accuracy – approximately the size of a cell phone. Compact designs provide significant advantages in situations with limited space, including industrial applications, vehicles, aircraft and hospital emergency rooms. As sensors shrink further they become even more portable, cost-effective and scalable – as can be seen with these small sensors from Industrial Sensor Systems Inc (ISI). Dr. Katrin Kobe, who serves as commercialization lead at Bosch Quantum Sensing, shared their goal: “Our objective is to miniaturize quantum sensors so they can be easily integrated onto chips, which would open the doors to multiple additional sensor applications.

Quantum Sensors Could Save Lives in Medicine

Bosch quantum sensors may save lives in medicine. By measuring the heart’s natural magnetic field and providing data over extended periods, these quantum sensors offer greater insight than standard electrocardiography (ECG). Traditional ECG machines involve placing electrodes directly on the skin, potentially leading to inaccuracies if they shift and taking precious time in emergencies to attach an ECG machine. Quantum sensors can be easily integrated into everyday items like clothing or mattresses for rapid emergency room diagnoses and precise at-home monitoring. Quantum sensors hold great promise as early detection devices for atrial fibrillation, one of the leading causes of life-threatening conditions such as strokes, heart failure and dementia. Early diagnosis could prevent fatal strokes while improving patient outcomes.

Revolutionizing Navigation and Electromobility

Quantum sensors hold tremendous promise for mobility beyond medicine. Leveraging their unique method for measuring Earth’s unchanging magnetic field, quantum sensors are resistant to external interference compared to traditional Global Positioning Systems like GPS; this paves the way for ultra-precise navigation in the air, on land, or across water. Furthermore, these quantum sensors offer significant benefits in electromobility as they accurately determine battery charge levels while simultaneously measuring magnetic field of current electric current allowing more reliable estimations of remaining range for better trip planning and driving experience overall.

Bosch is embarking on an unprecedented quantum sensing journey that promises to revolutionize industries, drive innovation and enhance quality of life through groundbreaking technology. Thanks to Bosch’s pioneering spirit and dedication in pushing the envelope for quantum technology advancements, the future has now come closer than ever.

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