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Add gesture recognition and environmental sensing to your hiking jacket with the Nicla Sense ME

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In our continuing collaboration together with K-Way, Justin Lutz set the goal of integrating intelligent electronics into one of K-Way’s iconic jackets for outdoor use by the company. Because of the active nature associated with the label, Lutz chose to use the Arduino Nicla Sense ME board to monitor movements during walking and also to monitor the barometric pressure in case of storms.

The work began by collecting a variety of samples of walking, jogging or drawing an “C” in the air to establish a checkpoint using the Nicla’s accelerometer onboard. After this data was uploaded into the Edge Impulse Studio, he developed a model that could identify each motion and provide the appropriate label. Beyond that Nicla Sense ME also provides Nicla Sense ME also outputs the motion detected and the actual pressure readings via Bluetooth to a phone that is connected.

The interface using the device can be entirely done via the Android application which Lutz created with the aid of the MIT’s App Inventor web-based tool. In the background application will check for any the latest Bluetooth data and then marks the current coordinates of a map as a checkpoint when the user draws an “C” with their finger. Pressure drops are shown in the app in the form of a huge alert that bad weather may be in the way.

More details on the project can be found in Lutz’s Edge Impulse write-up. You can also learn more about the Arduino x K-Way collaboration here.

Michal Pukala
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