NewsAAEON Launches BOXER-8621AI: A Powerful Embedded AI System for Challenging Environments

AAEON Launches BOXER-8621AI: A Powerful Embedded AI System for Challenging Environments

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AAEON, a global leader in edge AI computing, has taken an impressive leap forward in embedded artificial intelligence with their groundbreaking innovation: BOXER-8621AI. Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano module technology, this fanless embedded AI system marks a new era of powerful artificial intelligence capabilities in compact yet reliable hardware systems.

BOXER-8621AI was developed to meet the rising demand for intelligent solutions across industries such as autonomous mobile robots (AMR), fleet management, and traffic control. This powerful combination unites NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano’s impressive 20 TOPS AI performance with NVIDIA Jetpack 5.0 SDK support to handle complex AI tasks efficiently and effectively.

One of the hallmark features of AAEON’s BOXER-8621AI is its fanless design. This means that the system operates without needing fans for cooling purposes, making it suitable for environments where noise, dust or mechanical wear is an issue. AAEON has coupled this fanless architecture with sturdy hardware construction so as to guarantee long term resilience under even extreme conditions.

The BOXER-8621AI offers an impressive variety of interfaces tailored specifically for its intended applications. These include DB-9 and DB-15 ports for RS-232/422/485, CANBus, and GPIO connections, supported by high-bandwidth LPDDR5 system memory. In addition, four USB Type-A ports support advanced USB 3.2 Gen 2 technology while another two offer basic 2.0 connectivity; additionally there is also a gigabit LAN port (RJ-45) as well as display output with HDMI 1.4 support further adding flexibility.

The BOXER-8621AI’s expansion capabilities are equally impressive. Equipped with two M.2 3042/3052 B-Key slots – 4G/5G connectivity modules as well as storage modules from M.2242 B and M Key slots; additionally it comes equipped with one M2230 E Key slot that adds support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity as well as additional storage solutions as needed – this system’s expansion potential is formidable.

BOXER-8621AI was designed with efficient space utilization in mind, featuring a wall mounting bracket for convenient deployment in tight quarters. Furthermore, its compact chassis measures 4.13″ x 3.54″ x 2.05″ further enhancing its versatility in limited environments.

Commenting on AAEON’s groundbreaking innovation, Alex Hsueh, Associate Vice President of AAEON’s Smart Platform Division, highlighted their dedication to using NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform to develop cutting-edge AI solutions. Hsueh highlighted the BOXER-8621AI as proof of AAEON’s dedication in producing superior products using cutting-edge technologies to service various vertical markets.

What is Fanless AI System (Integrated with fan)

An “inaugural fanless embedded AI system” refers to the first or initial version of an artificial intelligence (AI) system designed without fans for cooling purposes, meaning heat dissipation occurs without fan support – increasing reliability while decreasing maintenance requirements.

According to AAEON’s press release about their AAEON BOXER-8621AI system, this machine represents their first of its kind that combines AI capabilities such as those provided by an NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano module with fanless technology. Such designs are often preferred when fan noise, dust, or environmental concerns become an issue; applications include industrial automation, robotics, edge AI computing and more.

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