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A Nano Introduction to AVR DB

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It is the AVR the DB microcontrollers has seen a steady increase in popularity since their introduction in the last few years. They are extremely powerful, integrating the latest Event System and more advanced analog and digital peripherals but still offering the high-efficiency and low-power processing that the AVR core is famous for. The development board is nano-sized and has everything needed to start designing with these amazing chips!

The creator offers this board with an Optiboot Arduino bootloader pre-installed. This makes rapid prototyping and programming a breeze using the typical USB for serial card. But, if you’d like to utilize avr-gcc and MPLAB to develop you’ll require an extra UPDI programmer.

The AVR128DB28 has a great deal of power for a tiny DIP box, with 128KB of flash memory and sixteen KB of RAM. It’s been able to be overclocked to 48MHz using an additional crystal. It has even an inbuilt 10-bit DAC this is an excellent feature for an affordable processor of this price!

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