The installation process of Altium Designer is simple and fast. The entire process of obtaining Altium Designer software is presented below, along with the method of installing and activating the software.

The Altium Designer installation process:

1. Enter the link: Altium Designer Software Download.
2. After entering the link you will see the Altium website. In the first step, you have to get through the process of obtaining an activation link. In the first window, we choose the answer to the question of whether we are currently using the software in the company. If it is private use, we answer “No”.

3. The next question of the manufacturer is about the way of using the software. In our case, please choose the first option, thanks to it we will gain access to the software.

4. In the last activation step, fill in the empty fields with personal information. Please enter a valid e-mail address to access the software in your e-mail account.

5. Information about the activation process of our version of the Altium Designer software will be sent to our e-mail inbox.

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