Presentation of the basic functions of the main window of the Altium Designer software

The main window of the Altium Designer software is divided into two main parts. On the left you can see the toolbar divided into panels, which can be freely adjusted to your preferences. The largest part of the window is occupied by the edition called “Design Window”.

– Design Window – this window displays the files on which we currently work, these are shematics, PCB projects or housing designs,
– Workspace Panels – located on the left side of the Altium window, it is quick access to options from panels selected in the Left Panel buttons,
– Files panel – currently open projects are displayed here,
– Adress line – thanks to this tool it is possible to switch views or go to the project file path directly,
– Right panel buttons – buttons for enabling the panel on the right side of the window.

You can freely move the panel windows from the left and right bar. They can be placed anywhere in the Altium software window or stuck to any edge.

The View tab allows you to enable or disable each panel window.

There is also the option of saving the current appearance setting via the option: View> Desktop Layouts> Save Layout … Later uploaded layout can be load via the option: View> Desktop Layouts> Load Layout … Resetting the interface setting is possible with the option: View> Desktop Layouts> Default.

Right panel buttons allow you to open the view and stick the windows of the panels selected by us to the right side of the Altium window.

By clicking the System button, we can choose which window panels we want to be visible. The same applies to the Design Compiler button.

As for the Shortcuts button, it displays a window with available Altium shortcuts.