NewsSTMicroelectronics collaborates with Microsoft to streamline development of highly secure IoT devices

STMicroelectronics collaborates with Microsoft to streamline development of highly secure IoT devices

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STMicroelectronics (NYSE : STM), a worldwide semiconductor leader, has announced details of its partnership with Microsoft, an ST Authorized Partner, in order to improve the security of emerging Internet-of-Things applications. ST will integrate its STM32U5 ultra-low power microcontrollers with Microsoft Azure IoT Middleware and certified secure implementations of Arm(r) trusted firmware -M (TFM) secure services embedded systems. This intensive engineering project resulted in a TF -M based Azure IoT cloud reference implementation. It leverages the hardened security features and key store of the STSAFE-A110 secured element. STMicroelectronics Marketing Director Daniel Colonna stated that IoT device developers are under intense pressure to meet both time-to-market and security standards. “Our solution accelerates embedded technology by increasing power efficiency and performance, as well as security.” Moe Tanabian is Vice President and General Manager of Azure Edge Devices Platform and Services. Microsoft Azure RTOS provides a comprehensive middleware package optimized for resource-constrained, connected applications such as IoT edge devices and endpoints. It combines the ThreadX real time operating system’s compact footprint with connectivity services, including NetX Duo IPv4/IPv6 as well as TLS secure socket support. Secure boot, secure storage and cryptography are all provided by the Arm TF-M suite. Designed for Arm(r), Cortex(r),-M processors. The TF-M Suite integrates easily with ST’s STM32U5 MCUs. These MCUs are based upon the advanced Cortex–M33 embedded core. The STM32U5 also features physical-attack resistance and Arm’s TrustZone(r), which provides additional isolation for security-critical resource. STM32U5 MCUs have been certified by PSA at Level-3 and SESIP 3 in 2021. They also achieved an EEMBC SecureMark(r),-TLS score 133,000 for cryptographic processing efficiency. The STSAFEA110 EAL5+-certified secure element provides an authentication scheme and personalization services that enable the automated and secured attachments of connected objects to Microsoft Azure. This eliminates the need for IoT-device manufacturers to secure secret credentials during product manufacturing. The MCUs’ ultra low-power credentials are confirmed by exceptional ULPMark(r), benchmarks for deep sleep, peripheral and active energy requirements. This allows extended runtime in battery powered equipment. ST will release an STM32Cube based integration of the reference implementation during Q3 2022. This will simplify IoT device design and allow for tight integration with other STM32 ecosystems.
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